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Color Success

Meet your waterborne match

Every quality refinish coating must live up to a host of performance criteria. But what makes PPG the leader? Our superior Color Match.

PPG is setting the benchmark in waterborne color match performance. Much to the excitement of collision shops around the world.

The paint technician's ability to match a vehicle's finish depends on many factors. There's the paint. The application process. The quality of the color chips. Even the software system.

Enter the reliable paint chip. It's one of the most important color tools for many collision shops. By consistently representing the paint formula, it can greatly improve the speed and efficiency of a paint job.

Leave it to PPG to exceed expectations with a new generation of paint chips. The color variant decks that support the ENVIROBASE® High Performance and AQUABASE® Plus waterborne basecoat systems contain over 5,000 hand-matched chips. The color chips are spray applied with the same waterborne technology the painter uses. Which ensures consistent alignment with the color chip.

PPG is also leading the way with innovative technology solutions. Our PAINTMANAGER® software offers waterborne system users many advanced benefits - from touch screen formula mixing in amounts as little as ounce quantities to advanced paint management and VOC reporting functionality. Technicians can access complete color data, including information on suggested undercoats, special field formulas, and Match Rating values, which guide the technician to blendable color match accuracy.

RAPIDMATCH™ is a new approach to electronic formula retrieval and is now available in PPG's PaintManager software. We've combined the strength of a five angle measuring device - RapidMatch  X-5 spectrophotometer - with a scientifically developed math algorithm customized for the automotive coatings segment. So whatever your target, RapidMatch software solution will assure the best match available within seconds.

PPG and your collision shop. On so many levels, it's a perfect match.

The Collision industry has spoken:
"PPG has done an excellent job - from training to the product to the color matching and variant chips. The whole thing has been excellent."
Dave Roemer, VP Body Shop Manager at R&R Auto Body, Brook Park, Ohio

"As soon as I sprayed PPG, I liked it. My main concern was the color matches, and it worked out real well. The metallics are spot on."
Joe Harner, Owner of Harner's Autobody, Birdsboro, Pennsylvania

"Take a chip, and I don't care who paints it, the chip is exactly the same as it is on the sprayed out panel, so you're not spraying like three or four panels to get a color. It's amazing."
Fred Rieser, Owner of Rieser Autobody, Columbus, Ohio
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