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PPG has implemented ePro, a global platform that improves efficiencies in our procurement processes.  These processes include activities that occur from the time PPG sources a good or service with a supplier until the payment is made for those goods and services.  In addition to the many benefits that ePro brings to PPG, our suppliers will realize the following benefits:
  • No fees to use ePro to register and interact with PPG
  • Enhanced capabilities for suppliers participating in Request for Proposals (RFP’s) or negotiating contracts
  • Electronic receipt of purchase orders (PO’s) and submission of invoices leading to improved accuracy, efficiency and cycle times
  • Visibility to PO’s, invoice status and payment information in a central location


Supplier Help and Support
Review the ePro Supplier Resources page to find frequently asked questions (FAQs) and guides to help you register and use ePro.
Issue Type Examples Who to contact?
Jaggaer - Technical
• Login and Password issues
• Error page or software bug
encountered within the supplier portal
• Catalog management assistance
• Portal invoicing assistance
• Registration or bid response technical assistance
• How do I submit an invoice?
• What do I do if I forgot my password?
• How do I add new users to my supplier profile and set their permissions?
• How do I upload my pricing for a catalog or sourcing event?
• The portal keeps getting stuck?
• Why can’t I setup my mobile app password?
• How can I set up cXML invoicing?
• Log a ticket with Jaggaer Global Customer Care
• Call Jaggaer’s 24/5 Support Hotline at 1-800-233-1121.
• International numbers available here
PPG – Registration and Onboarding
• Help with registration
• Questions about onboarding
• Which certificates am I required to upload?
• What does this onboarding question mean?
• What do I do if I received multiple e-mails to register?
• How do I know which commodity code to choose during registration?
• Why do I need to provide information included in the onboarding form?