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PPG Supplier Network

Welcome to the PPG Supplier Network

PPG suppliers are a critical link in the PPG Supply Chain. The PPG Supplier Network provides a standard infrastructure to promote PPG / Supplier collaboration.

Suppliers will require a PPG Supplier Network logon to access one or both of the following applications:

  • Supplier Incident Response (SIR) to view Corrective Action Incident Reporting (CAIR) Alerts or respond to Supplier Nonconformance Notice (SNN)
  • Supplier Added Value Effort ($AVE). To learn more about $AVE, click Learn More

For suppliers already enrolled in the PPG Supplier Network - your email address is your Username. Your initial password
is included in the email that was sent to you by suppliernetwork@ppg.com confirming your enrollment in the PPG Supplier
Network. Click here to login

If you have forgotten your password, click on Reset Password and a new password will be immediately assigned to you through your email. If you would like to change your password after logging on to the PPG Supplier Network, click on Change Password on the left tool bar.

Interested in a PPG Supplier Network logon? Please contact your buyer.

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