PPG: We protect and beautify the world
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Bringing our best together to protect and beautify the world.

“What does it take to protect and beautify the world?” All of us. PPG is an extremely diverse company with a global portfolio of businesses and product lines; more than 150 manufacturing facilities and equity affiliates; operations in more than 75 countries around the globe; and over 50,000 employees of wide-ranging nationalities, cultures, religions, ethnic, professional and educational backgrounds.

Our diverse work force enables us to meet challenges quickly, creatively and effectively. This is a prerequisite to success in global markets and economies. Clearly, diversity provides PPG with a competitive advantage in serving the needs of increasingly diverse customers in virtually every corner of the world.
  • PPG provides a spectrum of opportunities to work in an endless variety of disciplines. We are committed to providing a fulfilling work place for our employees, creating an environment for continuous learning and embracing the ideas and diversity of others.
  • Diversity as a competitive advantage: Our vision for diversity is to become a stronger, more competitive company by fostering a climate that recognizes the business value of an engaged work force that reflects the diversity of our global work force. We've developed metrics that enable us to build a global work force with careful attention to gender and diversity components, retention of employees and talent management.
  • PPG is committed to being employer of choice. We hire on the basis of individual qualifications and ability relative to job requirements. Numerous opportunities exist for career advancement, and professional vacancies are posted electronically worldwide. PPG offers competitive salaries and benefits packages to attract, promote and retain talented employees.

Working for PPG

As a global manufacturer, our employees deliver the highest-quality products and services to our customers.  Working for PPG means bringing bringing our best together to protect and beautify the world.

To find out more about starting your career with PPG, search our Careers section for opportunities.