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Legal Notices and Privacy Policy

Security Message

Dear PPG Customer,

Like many organizations, PPG conducts a variety of business activities using the Internet. These activities include, but are not limited to, e-mail communications, invoicing, payment processes and other business functions.

Increased global information technology security threats and sophisticated, targeted crimes pose a risk to those conducting business online, including PPG.  Security breaches and scams have become more prevalent and are frequently reported in the news media.

PPG takes extensive precautions to ensure the security of its data and information technology infrastructure. Despite our efforts to protect sensitive information and confidential and personal data, criminal activity, including email scams, may occur beyond the reach of our security systems by mimicking PPG’s identity.

As a valued customer, we wanted to remind you that it is important that you remain vigilant in detecting security risks that are inherent with conducting business on the Internet, such as scams. Although scams may appear to be simple and obvious, they can be rather sophisticated and targeted, with the goal of compromising certain people and financial processes. These common activities can include requests to change bank account information or send sensitive data. 

Please be aware that you should always carefully review the correspondence you receive from our company to ensure it is legitimately distributed by PPG. We encourage you to be diligent in confirming the validity of requests from PPG for a change in payment details or other financial information.

The following web sites contain useful information to increase awareness and education on these risks:

We appreciate your partnership in ensuring the continued security of the business we conduct online. Thank you.