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PPG researcher Wei Wang receives prestigious chemical science award

Wei WangWei Wang, one of our leading developers of breakthrough automotive coatings technologies, has been awarded the 17th annual Gordon E. Moore medal by the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) America. The honor recognizes “early-career success in innovation, as reflected both in market impact and improvement to quality of life.”

SCI America selected Wang for his contributions to innovative technologies that have enabled the automotive industry to improve energy conservation and productivity, including our 3C1B (three-coat one bake) compact process that allows three coating layers to be applied wet-on-wet-on-wet and then baked together. The technology eliminates heated drying and the curing step between layers, which significantly reduces energy consumption while saving time and lowering costs. The process was introduced in 2016 with one of our automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers in China.

The technology developed by Wang and his team enables automotive OEMs to cut energy consumption by 30 percent, CO2 emission by 43 percent, volatile organic compounds by 7 percent, and process time by 30 percent.

“Dr. Wang’s work in designing novel polymers and developing their use in formulations to solve coating issues for PPG has been remarkable,” said John Paro, chair and chief executive officer of Hallstar and chair of SCI America. “He is a key contributor to the success of PPG’s developments in polymer science and their use in advancing the automotive coating industry’s efforts around energy conservation and productivity improvement.”

In addition to the 3C1B process, Wang is the co-inventor of several solvent- and water-based polymer dispersion technologies for automotive coatings, as well as sound-dampening coatings with broader effective temperature ranges and 100 percent solids content. He was instrumental in the development of a low-temperature cure coating technology that was successfully launched in 2017 and was finalist for the R&D 100 award in 2018. He joined PPG in 2010 and works at the Coatings Innovation Center in Allison Park, Pa.

“We are proud Dr. Wang is being recognized for his many accomplishments,” said David Bem, PPG vice president and chief technology officer.