PPG: We protect and beautify the world
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PPG: We protect and beautify the world


Anticipating environmental regulatory demands with biocide- and copper-free antifouling options.

Marine customers stay ahead of regulations with PPG’s new antifouling solutions that improve vessels’ functionality while reducing environmental impact. SIGMAGLIDE® 1290 has a biocide-free formulation that produces a smooth finish from the start and high activity fouling release for ongoing fuel savings. SIGMA NEXEON® copper-free formulation provides instant smoothness for instant fuel savings, excellent antifouling, and it self-polishes for better color retention that helps keep ships looking new.

Pioneers in perfecting coatings for harsh conditions.

Our history in the marine coatings industry dates to when SIGMA COATING®S began supplying coatings for marine protection that became a significant factor in the working life and profitability of a vessel. Then, like now, each coating had a specific task to perform, working together to protect every part of the vessel—from the underwater hull to the topside, from the ballast tank to the cargo hold and everything in between. Today, PPG coatings meet and often exceed long-life specifications for all areas of ocean-going and floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessels.

A new kind of cruise control.

At PPG, our knowledge of marine coatings technology is helping to increase vessel productivity and profitability.

Innovative antifouling protection produces immediate energy savings and lower operational costs.

Tankers and bulk carriers trading worldwide face demanding operational schedules and extremely aggressive fouling conditions. For peak efficiency, PPG developed SIGMA SYLADVANCE™ 800 coating, a self-polishing, self-smoothing antifouling that uses state-of-the-art silyl-acrylate polymer. It not only keeps the ship’s hull free from fouling, it improves hydrodynamics by reducing drag and thus, the amount of fuel consumed.

SIGMAGLIDE® silicone fouling release system.

Sigmaglide silicon fouling release coatings provide optimum hull smoothness at the outset—and immediate fuel savings. And because Sigmaglide 990 coating doesn’t contain biocides, it is friendly to marine life—while setting the benchmark for reduced maintenance costs

The tolerance of our coatings and the support provided by PPG’s experienced staff help our customers fit critical shipyard and ship owner schedules. Outstanding color and gloss retention as well as in-service durability reduce maintenance. Find PPG’s global marine products under the leading brand name Sigma Coatings.

Full speed ahead.

To help minimize downtime and maximize service life, PPG has developed a worldwide marine and protective coatings supply network that allows us to deliver coatings wherever our customers are located. Additionally, PPG specialist advisors are on constant standby to supervise substrate preparation, application, inspection, and approval of coating work.

Through our COLOR NETWORK centers, PPG is able to offer our most popular coatings in an extensive range of colors. A state-of-the-art color identification system and an advanced blending process ensure that all tinted coatings meet the internationally recognized and registered colors and that deliveries match corporate livery or owner preferences. Every mixed color is registered, guaranteeing that new deliveries will be an exact match. This is especially crucial in areas where colored coatings are used to express a company’s identity.

COLOR NETWORK centers can be found in all key ports, so we can deliver at any time no matter where our customers lay up their vessels.

Learn more about how PPG innovation helps our marine partners meet their performance, color, and cost-saving goals.

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