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Color Expertise

Global Color Experts

PPG Global Design and Color Marketing Team

PPG color experts represent six color-oriented businesses across three global regions, to share color trend observations and insights for a variety of marketsresearch cultural, social and lifestyle trends to create cutting-edge color palettes and special effects that meet automakers goals for brand identity, durability, workability and cost effectiveness. Year after year, the team is dedicated to providing the latest colors and technologies to help automakers achieve their marketing and sales objectives. Their activities include:
  • Combining research of global automotive, fashion, architectural and interior design trends with insight of regional influences and knowledge of new technologies to provide customers with innovative color ideas
  • Examine cultural and lifestyle trends in all major regions of the world to gain a better understanding of international color preferences
  • Interacs with customers to assist them with color selections that help differentiate their brands
  • Define and communicate color trends for a wide range of market segments, including automotive, general industrial, glass, architectural, aerospace, aftermarket and trade sale products
  • Participates in highly influential global design and color organizations that help to determine colors for transportation, fashion, home furnishings and building products

Forecasting Trends

While color is something that we marvel at daily, once a year PPG color experts make a point to take it to a whole new level of appreciation.

For one special week, members of our color-oriented businesses to come together and share trend observations and insights. As part of the meeting, PPG color experts engage in interactive and dynamic workshops to discuss design trends, consumer preferences and priorities across each market as well as the role global, regional and cultural factors play in influencing customers.

PPG color experts represent varied industries served by PPG including automotive, aerospace, architectural, consumer products, industrial and optical. Participants develop best practices for color communication tools, discuss how product innovations and technologies impact surface design, and develop color trend guidance based on the current macro trends across industries and consumer preferences.

Workshop participants go home with greater color consciousness and a spectrum of ways to better serve PPG customers.

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