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PPG Industries, Inc. is governed by a 12-member Board of Directors, 11 of whom are not employees of the company.

The company’s Corporate Governance Guidelines (PDF) outline the structure of governance of the company at the Board level. PPG’s Board of Directors maintains four standing committees, each comprised solely of independent, nonemployee members of the Board:

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee ensures the integrity of the company’s financial statements and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and it manages PPG’s internal and external auditors. View Charter (PDF).

Human Capital Management and Compensation Committee

The Human Capital Management and Compensation Committee oversees the compensation of executive officers and directors, sets objectives for incentive-based compensation for executive officers, and reviews the company’s human capital management strategies. View Charter (PDF).

Nominating and Governance Committee

The Nominating and Governance Committee oversees the composition of PPG’s Board of Directors, nominates prospective members, reviews the performance of the Board and its Committees, and reviews the company’s corporate governance structure. View Charter (PDF).

Sustainability and Innovation Committee

The Sustainability and Innovation Committee assesses the company’s science, technology and innovation capabilities and reviews environment, health, safety, product stewardship and other sustainability policies, programs and practices. View Charter (PDF).

Other Governance Documents

For more information on the criteria used to select PPG’s Board of Directors and how the company ensures that conflicts of interest are avoided, please refer to the Nominating and Governance Committee Charter, Corporate Governance Guidelines, and Proxy Statement for PPG’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders (available at PPG.com/InvestorCenter).

Executive and Operating Committees

PPG’s senior management structure consists of two functional groups:

PPG’s Executive Committee is comprised of:
  • Timothy M. Knavish, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer;
  • Anne M. Foulkes, Senior Vice President and General Counsel; and
  • Vincent J. Morales, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.
PPG’s Operating Committee is comprised of the three members of the Executive Committee and other executive leaders representing corporate staff functions and various business segments across the company.