PPG: We protect and beautify the world
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PPG: We protect and beautify the world


Beyond groundbreaking color, PPG delivers service at jet-speed through a global network like no other.

To expedite product delivery and bring technical resources closer to our aviation customers, PPG offers global capability from 16 regional Application Support Centers (ASCs) around the world. Besides providing direct access to our marketleading coatings, sealants, and transparencies, ASCs offer rapid-response services such as color matching and blending, window systems assembly, chemical management, and value-added packaging for PPG coatings, sealants, and materials supplied by customers. What else does proximity enable? For one, the arrival of pre-mixed frozen sealants and customized sealant solutions that reduce process time and waste—technicians thaw only what’s needed.

At PPG, we create partnerships with our customers. Our aerospace research and design engineering teams and manufacturing facilities consistently drive new technologies to meet new challenges. Through a series of strategic acquisitions, PPG has assembled a team of industry leaders that builds on its own long history to deliver what is key to the aviation industry: innovation.

Achieving high marks for aircraft aesthetics, performance, and environmental benefits.

Our new high-solids, chromate-free DESOTHANE® HD basecoat/clearcoat coatings system keeps aircraft looking good today and for years to come. Our basecoat color is applied in one coat instead of the typical two to three, saving material, weight, and application time. Our clearcoat provides extended service life, with improved color and gloss retention, better buffability, and a smoother surface that is easier to clean. PPG also offers vibrant new color options in livery design with ANDARO® special-effect pigments, which reflect nearly 90 percent of visible light. And AEROCRON™ chrome-free electrocoat primer features superior corrosion protection and reduces primer weight for enhanced aircraft fuel economy.

At PPG, innovation for the aerospace industry goes beyond our advanced coatings and sealants that reduce weight for better fuel efficiency. We've launched a new transparent plastic for aircraft windows—the first to be approved by the FAA in 50 years. Lightweight, craze- and fire-resistant, OPTICOR™ advanced transparency material can be formed into complex shapes while maintaining optical clarity. Larger windows enhanced by PPG ALTEOS® interactive window systems improve passenger comfort and view.  

Expanding horizons, taking innovation to new heights.

PPG products help to reduce fuel costs and carbon footprint while providing innovative options in coatings, sealants, and transparencies for the aviation industry. We’ve put advanced technology to work in a variety of ways. For example, our cockpit windows help reduce aircraft weight through the use of innovative structural designs and material. We also supply fiber glass for lightweight composite parts.

At PPG, it is about considering our customers’ full range of aerospace needs—from safety to customer comfort to regulatory compliance. No detail goes unnoticed. For example, our Customized Sealant Solutions include special caps for sealing fasteners on aircraft. These PRC® seal caps, which come frozen, reduce process time and waste since technicians thaw only the number of caps needed at any given time.

Colors that soar.

PPG’s advanced coatings technologies offer proven gloss and color retention, along with the ability to create custom color matches and special topcoat effects for varying needs. From a maintenance standpoint, PPG’s coatings systems allow carriers to easily update and change exterior branding in order to maintain the all-around aircraft appearance—without causing costly delays in upkeep. For example, our selectively strippable exterior coatings for aircrafts can shorten aircraft strip-and-repaint cycles by up to two days. We even offer eco-friendly paint removal and cleaning products, chemical management and customized packaging services across the aerospace industry.

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