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Color Success

Speed to market. Answered.

In getting products to market, speed is paramount. World-class device manufacturers must rocket through concept, design, production and distribution. Or be left in the dust.

To meet this demand, PPG has created a new Color Launch Process to help consumer OEMs speed the development of custom colors and coatings. Allowing them to get their products to market faster.

The success of the PPG Color Launch Process was experienced firsthand by a leading global supplier of mobile devices at one of PPG's global design centers, Schmaze Design Center, in Los Angeles, California.

The challenge: One working day. Finalize a surface design for a new handheld model. Assemble and ship prototypes to the marketing team for next-day approval. Meet production deadline at the toll-coater in China just two week later.

The result: A ringing success.

Through PPG's innovative Color Launch Process, this mobile device supplier was able to walk in with their ideas. Collaborate with PPG's color and technical experts. Then leave our global design studio with coated products that met their needs. And, as promised, two weeks later we helped coat pre-production acceptance parts at the Chinese toll-coater.