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Color Expertise

Our Approach

Innovative, industry-leading, holistic. From start to finish.

PPG offers both thinking and execution throughout the color lifecycle. We offer new innovations and technologies for surface design and the application process. And we are always looking for better ways to enhance delivery, consistency and performance.

From initial design, through engineering, through application, through sales and marketing and culminating with the consumer experience, we present an uncommon approach to color. One that is more comprehensive, partnership-oriented, better executed, forward-thinking and holistic. This includes the development, implementation, training and execution of advanced solutions.

At PPG, we view color as an ecosystem - one that revolves around our customers. It's fluid. It's collaborative. It's all-encompassing.

Design Phase

We understand the importance of surface aesthetics and its impact in a designer's world. We support your creative visions with color trend information, color samples, swatches and color consulting. We're committed to helping you make informed color and surface design decisions. And by sharing our cutting-edge knowledge of consumer direction and decision processes, we'll further your confidence to create relevant, sought after designs. 


Engineering Phase

Always ready to answer questions around stability and durability, we provide support to your chemists and engineers with products that offer durability and performance, and meet their need for practicality. We're committed to identifying, evaluating and insuring that new colorants and effect pigments are available for your business. We invest to fully understand how materials will withstand the most extreme conditions - from light and heat to salt and corrosion. In short, our coatings are designed to meet the durability, performance and cost expectations for your business and industry.


Application Phase

We take the learning from the Design and Engineering phase and make the color work on your surfaces, in your processes, and of course, in your assembly plants, service centers and job sites. Our global and local service experts will partner with you to help assure that your production is on spec and on time. We're right by your side to identify and make improvements to enhance your business


Sales & Marketing Phase

We provide our customers with the insight, tools, selling support and training that helps sell existing products and launch new ones. We help our customers achieve their sales and profit goals and improve brand strength. And because we understand consumer expectations and behaviors, you'll be more likely to achieve the functionality, experience and aesthetics that match their needs. Our unmatched breadth of markets greatly enhances our understanding of customer and consumer behaviors and values.