PPG: We protect and beautify the world
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PPG: We protect and beautify the world

Commercial Construction

Restoring an iconic landmark’s beauty while honoring Wright’s dedication to blending architecture with nature.

Imagine the Kaufmann family’s surprise when, instead of boasting a view of the waterfall, Frank Lloyd Wright suggested building their home on top of it! To restore the historic landmark’s beauty, PPG’s color-matching technology rose to the occasion, recreating Wright’s original aesthetic vision. To protect and beautify the outside, conservationists used PERMA-CRETE™ Alkali-resistant Primer coating and MANOR HALL® TIMELESS® paint for the topcoat. Inside, they applied PURE PERFORMANCE® zero-VOC* base paint. They chose DURANAR® coatings for the window frames to deliver unparalleled performance against the elements. And, they replaced 319 windows using STARPHIRE® ultra-clear glass and SUNGATE® low-emissivity.

Expanding design possibilities while shrinking their impact on the environment.

At PPG, we understand that commercial construction today is about creating buildings that are functional, efficient, and sustainable. PPG paints, coatings and glass offer a wide range of building products that are specifically engineered to enable architects and contractors to meet the very demanding needs of 21st-century construction.

PPG’s proprietary new color selection system is revolutionizing the way design professionals choose and use color.

Combine the experience and know-how of PPG’s worldwide family of architectural coatings brands. Add the insights of our global trend-spotting network and the latest techniques from our multimedia and interaction specialists. Voila! You have CHROMATIC™, a collection of 1,170 original hues developed by us, expressly for design professionals to enhance their expertise and their business. Brought to life by an entire suite of inspirational digital, video, color fan deck, and sampling technologies, the Chromatic system is destined to become the trade’s indispensible color reference tool.



PPG's product innovations is seen everyday at the Appaloosa Branch Library in Scottsdale, Arizona. The library is not just LEED Gold®, but it’s also a stunning example of how our advanced building materials are literally and conceptually changing the face of modern architecture. The library’s architect was able to enhance the beauty of the building’s exterior and reduce cooling costs by using PPG DUARANAR® VARI-COOL® coatings, which both reflect the sun’s energy and dramatically shift color according to viewing angle.

Recent coatings innovations used in commercial construction include:
  • Architectural paint technology in Europe that keeps buildings cooler by minimizing the absorption of infrared (solar) energy, even in black and other dark, heat-absorbing colors. According to calculations made by the French Scientific and Technical Centre for Building Institute, cool paints developed by PPG have the potential to reduce outside wall temperatures on a sunny day by up to 36 F and cut annual energy costs for the same building by up to 5 percent.
  • SEIGNEURIE® ELYOPUR® - Low-indoor-emission paints produced by PPG in France, Seigneurie Elyopur paint, was the first top-quality coating on the market to achieve both the highest rating available for indoor air quality and pass the European Ecolabel requirements. In order to achieve this, PPG developed the in-house capability to measure the emission characteristics of architectural coatings. One of the stages of this project involved the building of emission chambers where air quality, flow and humidity are accurately controlled. PPG is using these chambers for the measurement of its current product portfolio and newly developed very low emission coatings. Elyopur paints are more than low-VOC paints; emission testing proves these low-emission paints ensure the highest level of indoor air quality for end-users.


  • SOLARPHIRE® AR anti-reflective glass - In 2010, PPG introduced Solarphire AR anti-reflective glass, a product engineered to maximize solar energy transmission to solar-collecting photovoltaic cells. Solarphire AR glass is formulated with a proprietary anti-reflective coating that facilitates the efficient conversion of solar light into energy. Solarphire AR glass continues PPG’s history of innovation in the development of stacked, thin-film coatings for glass.
  • Low-e Glass - In 1983, PPG commercialized the world’s first temperable coated low-emissivity (low-e) glass. Today, PPG offers SOLARBAN® 72 STARPHIRE® glass, a solar control, low-emissivity (low-e) glass designed to fulfill “green” building demands for high visible light transmittance, exceptional clarity and superior solar control performance. The coating for this architectural glass was specifically formulated by PPG scientists for application to Starphire glass, which is among the world’s most transparent architectural glass, helping commercial buildings reduce reliance on artificial, electricity-intensive lighting.  
  • CRADLE TO CRADLE (CM) CERTIFIED - PPG also continues to be the only glass manufacturer in North America to have its entire collection of architectural glass products Cradle to Cradle (CM) Certified. In fact, three new PPG glass products introduced in the past two years – Solarban R100 glass, SUNGATE® 400 glass and CLARVISTA® shower glass – were Cradle to Cradle (CM) Certified in 2011.

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Perma-Crete. is a trademark and Manor Hall, Timeless and Pure Performance are registered trademarks of PPG Architectural Finishes, Inc. CHROMATIC is a trademark of PPG AC – France. Seigneurie and Elyopur are registered trademarks of PPG AC – France.  Bringing innovation to the surface is a trademark and Duranar, Vari-Cool, Solarphire, Solarban, Starphire and Clarvista are registered trademarks of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc. Cradle to Cradle is a registered trademark of McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry, LLC. Fallingwater is a registered trademark of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy.

*Colorants added to this base paint may increase volatile organic compound (VOC) levels significantly, depending on color choice.

Image of Fallingwater is used with express consent of Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. PPG is a proud sponsor of Fallingwater/Western Pennsylvania Conservancy.