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Automotive OEM Coatings

PPG Automotive OEM Coatings: Innovative Solutions for Automotive Manufacturers

Since its start in 1924, PPG Automotive OEM Coatings has been at the forefront of innovation, combining expertise in coatings and special effects technologies with analysis of industry trends to aid automakers around the world in enhancing the image and identity of their vehicle brands.

PPG was the first to introduce breakthrough automotive coating technologies such as, cathodic electrocoat, powder clearcoat, compact paint systems and factory-applied spray-in bedliners. The company continues its innovation leadership, as demonstrated by the many awards its products receive, such as the Automotive News PACE Award, the R&D 100 Award and the Market Engineering and Design Award.

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Business Executives

Gary Danowski, Vice President, Automotive Coatings
Matt C. Marek, Vice President, Automotive OEM Coatings, Americas
Vincent Robin, Vice President, Automotive OEM Coatings, Asia/Pacific
Roald Johannsen, Vice President, Automotive Coatings, Europe, Middle East and Africa

Business Headquarters

PPG Automotive Technology Center
5875 New King Court
Troy, MI 48098-2692
Tel: 248-641-2000
FAX: 248-641-2233

Trade Media Contact

Mike Millar

Web Site


Principal Operations

PPG Automotive OEM Coatings operates worldwide with manufacturing sites located in every region.

Manufacturing Facilities

North America
  • Adrian, Michigan
  • Circleville, Ohio
  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Strongsville, Ohio
  • San Juan del Rio, Mexico
South America
  • Sumare, Brazil
Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Bursa, Turkey
  • Weingarten, Germany
  • Wuppertal, Germany
  • Quattordio, Italy
  • Caivano, Italy
  • Valladolid, Spain
  • Valencia, Spain
Asia Pacific
  • Busan, South Korea
  • Cheonan, South Korea
  • Tianjin, China
  • Wuhu, China

Key Facts

  • PPG was the first to introduce breakthrough automotive coating technologies, such as cathodic electrocoat, also known as "e-coat."
  • Products like PPG's ENVIRO-PRIME® 7000 Super High Throw e-coat provide increased corrosion protection and reduced overall costs for our OEM customers.
  • PPG’s B1:B2™ compact paint system enables the customer to reduce the number of steps necessary to paint a vehicle by eliminating the primer layer. This eliminates the dedicated primer booth and all related processing.
  • ANDARO® tint dispersions achieve a deep, pure and more chromatic color space than do traditional pigments, helping accentuate the feature lines and design characteristics of the vehicle.
  • CERAMICLEAR® clearcoat has set a new standard for combined resistance to scratches, mars and acid etch. This clearcoat is the first to use nanoparticle technology and is the recipient of many awards, including the prestigious Automotive News PACE award, the R&D 100 award and the Market Engineering and Design award to name just a very few.
  • PPG has also commercialized DURABED® Sprayable Bedliner, the world's first OEM-applied, high performance spray-on truck bedliner.

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