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2015 Highlights

Eco-Pasture takes Ruitz site back to nature

Three Solognote sheep are now greeting employees each day at the PPG architectural coatings site in Ruitz, France. The sheep were introduced during Sustainable Development Week in mid-April and are the primary tenants of the plant’s new Eco Pasture. They will be joined by two additional sheep in a few weeks.

The five sheep will feast on two hectares (five acres) of pasture grasses at the facility from April to October, eliminating the need for lawn maintenance. Their natural efforts will also reduce soil degradation and noise levels, and help maintain the biodiversity of the region.  Their presence will also help with efforts to preserve the breed; only a few thousand Solognote sheep remain in France. 
In addition, proceeds from the animals’ sheared wool will be donated to programs that aid ill or injured children.