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$AVE is a sustainable, supplier-driven cost reduction process that measurably improves PPG's, its suppliers' and its customers' competitiveness.


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In an effort to improve the quality of $AVE, PPG Purchasing has implemented several changes, specifically related to the login process. These changes have increased security and are allowing users to maintain their own password.

In the past, users were assigned a system-created PPGS login and password. The new process utilizes a user’s email address and user-created password.

If you are presently enrolled in the Supplier Network, you no longer have a separate username and password to enter $AVE. Instead, you can enter by logging into the Supplier Network with your current username and password. All other $AVE users that did not receive an email notifying them of the details of these changes and their new login username and password, please contact your key PPG Purchasing agent.