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Lustrous colors that blend with the environment

For more than a century, PPG has been a leading manufacturer of residential and architectural glass products. PPG Glass Products offer quality, innovation, durability and comfort in any climate or structure, so you enjoy premium aesthetics and performance.

Our innovative technologies create revolutionary glass products with industry leading visible light transmittance, reduced infrared transmittance, and solar heat gain coefficient. Such glass advancements can be found in our low-e and solar control low-e, ultra-clear glass, reflective color enriched glass and self-cleaning glass, as well as our Ocean, Nature, Earth and Sky inspired tinted glasses.

PPG's glass has gone into some of the world's most renowned windows and buildings, which has been crucial to the design and creation of a unique environment. Not only do we provide you strikingly attractive glass, but we can also deliver insight about industry trends. It's a lot more than what you look through!


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Rich marina hues of AZURIA™ and CARIBIA® Glass are integral to the appeal of Marina Blue.

Marina Blue is an upscale, 60-story residential tower situated on Miami's Biscayne Bay. Because sunlight and views are so integral to its appeal, PPG's glass is the tower's most important architectural element. The vast majority of its multi-faceted fa├žade is glazed with Azuria and Caribia, which are part of PPG's Oceans of Color product family line - a group of nautically-inspired tints.

Azuria is a soothing aqua-blue tinted glass, while Caribia is an aqua-green tinted glass. Both are aesthetically appealing and provide exceptional environmental performance. PPG color performing glass helped the architects achieve distinctive identity- and meet heating and cooling standards on the inside.

PPG's color tinted glass helps make views extensions of resident's living rooms.

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More than just a dazzling new jewel on Fort Worth's skyline.

PPG has partnered with design and architectural companies around the world to create one-of-a-kind buildings. The Omni Fort Worth hotel is just one more example.

34-stories high, this building uses a variety of environmentally progressive attributes, such as PPG's SOLARBAN® z50 glass, a solar control, and a low energy glass from PPG with a sparking steel-blue-gray tint. This low reflecting and highly visible light transmittance product combines with PPG's aqua-blue tinted Vistacool Azuria glass to create a richly saturated blue-gray curtain wall, which is now one of Fort Worth's most identifiable icons.

PPG's glass color capabilities, combined with performance characteristics, allow the glass to transmit significant levels of natural light, while simultaneously blocking most of the sun's radiant energy.

 Download the data sheet for product details.

PPG Glass eVIEW helps architects, industry pros build, see virtual glass in

PPG Glass eVIEW, a multifunctional suite of Web-based tools that enables architects, glazing contractors, glass fabricators and other building professionals to search, construct, view and compare virtual glazing configurations in three dimensions to find the best solutions for their building projects..

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PPG introduces glass configurator widget for architects

Striking the right balance of aesthetics and performance is a critical component to the success of every project. In terms of architectural glass, the effect on heating and cooling costs and overall light transmittance is just as important as color selection.

The glass configurator helps architects to identify the best architectural glass for their projects by enabling them to view and compare the aesthetics and performance data of every PPG glass product.

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Three projects with PPG glass earn 2011 Crystal Achievement Awards

A private residence in Connecticut earned "Most innovative bath enclosure project" honors, in part for its use of STARPHIRE® ultra-clear glass by PPG. The custom shower features five panels and a door, each fashioned from ½-inch Starphire glass and bent to different radii to create a kidney-shaped enclosure.

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Azuria, Caribia, Oceans of Color, Vistacool, Starphire and Solarban are registered trademarks and IdeaScapes is a trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.