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Color Success

See how colors heal and transform

Childhood is a time of transformation, of energy, and of color. And for a sick child, those things are even more important.

When Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh was being built, it wanted to be more than just a world-class healthcare facility. It wanted to make kids better, inside and out.

Astorino architects implemented a deep, meaningful architectural methodology named fathom for Children's based on the metaphor of transformation. This design would come to symbolize physical and emotional transformation.

No surprise, PPG Voice of Color® also played a vital role in helping to create this unique healing space.

We've been fortunate to work with architects like Astorino who share our understanding that colors have the power to calm and excite. To nurture hope. And to even enhance healing.

Our insights are no accident. Nor are our innovative approaches to color selection for commercial spaces. They're the result of an intense undertaking that combines color science with psychology, sociology and human physiology.

They're gained by color styling experts who collaborate with universities, professional and private institutions and conduct primary research.

Call it PPG advanced color design thinking. Call it a color transformation.

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