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Color Success

Schooled in the power of color

Throughout the world, PPG has partnered with and served our customers as they create vibrant living spaces in institutional environments. Color makes a powerful impact on all of these projects, not only in terms of the building aesthetics. It determines much of the functional success and design intent of the project.

At Heerbeeck High School in Best, Holland (the Netherlands), color influences everyone who walks the halls and hits the books.

Every day, more than two thousand people make their way around Heerbeeck High School. These are not just students, but also over 130 teachers, parents, supporting staff, and the visitors to the school's public library. For everyone concerned, the goal was to create a recognizable and safe place in this large community.

PPG assigned each grade level its own recognizable theme color. Meanwhile, the core colors of orange, green and red were merged together in the auditorium. Other communal areas like practice rooms, study areas and computer rooms serve as connection points for the color schemes. In the spaces where everyone meets and connects, there's natural interaction.

At Heerbeeck High School, white was chosen as a common background color, giving the building the strong sense of unity it needed after several renovations. New sections of the building have been built for flexibility. The interior design and furnishings have defined the atmosphere and the function of these rooms.

Heerbeeck High School is a lesson in how color can transform our surroundings. And even create a safe haven for learning.

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