PPG: We protect and beautify the world
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PPG: We protect and beautify the world


A Global Leader

Next generation coatings for can makers, brand owners and consumers available today. Around the world, PPG is a leader in protecting aluminum and steel cans interiors and exteriors. Now, our new INNOVEL® range of internal and external coatings offer even more appeal for consumers, value for brand owners, and operational advantages for manufacturers. These sustainable solutions are designed to meet regulatory needs of food and beverage cans and ends. From the latest ini advantaged coatings to long standing, proven technologies, PPG is leading the pack in high-end performance coatings.

Our research laboratories, manufacturing facilities, commercial and technical centers are strategically located throughout the world. Our global presence gives our customers an important advantage – convenient access to the most comprehensive range of internal and external coatings, decorative inks, compounds and pre-treatment solutions available. Our products are widely used for the protection, performance and decoration of metal cans, closures, and plastic tubes.

Innovative coatings for virtualy all end-uses

For decades, our research and development experts have created effective coating solutions for nearly every end use in the beverage, food, cosmetic, personal care, pharmaceuticals, paint and chemical industries. With our new ranges of coatings and inks, we go a step further to deliver novel and breakthrough technologies. This commitment to innovation, as well as our dedication to quality and high-performance products, improve value for brand owners and offer operational advantages to manufacturers.

Committed to exceptional customer service

Meeting the needs of our customers is our top priority. We tailor our solutions to optimize our customers’ processes and specific requirements. Our products are backed by technical experts who understand every facet of the coating process so that our customers can focus on what they do best – meeting the needs of their customers.  

Learn more about how PPG innovation helps customers meet their performance, color, and cost-saving goals.

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Bringing innovation to the surface is a trademark and Innovel is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.