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PPG Auto OEM Supplier Quality

PPG is committed to providing products and services to its customers that fully meet their requirements. Quality system management and crater prevention are key to the success of our business and PPG’s suppliers are a critical strategic resource in meeting those customers’ commitments.

The documentation below is intended to highlight and reinforce specific quality requirements applicable to all suppliers of raw materials, packages, services and equipment to PPG Automotive OEM Coatings.

Suppliers are required to:
  • Disseminate this information within their organization to the appropriate departments and develop a plan if necessary to be conforming to its requirements.
  • Acknowledge the understanding of this document via confirmation to your PPG Purchasing contact.

SQR01_PPG OEM Quality Management System Requirements
SQR02_PPG OEM Bulk Transport Requirements
SQR03_PPG OEM Recycled, Reconditioned and Rebottled Packaging Policy
SQR04_PPG OEM Change Notification Requirement
SQR05_PPG OEM COA Requirements
SQR06_PPG OEM Equipment Cleaning Guidelines
SQR07_PPG OEM Guidelines for Reusable Steel Totes
SQR08_PPG OEM Supplier Audits
SQR09_PPG Quality Alerts
SQR10_PPG OEM Supplier CAIR (Supplier Nonconformance Report)
SQR11_PPG OEM Global Material Registration List
SQR12_PPG Sites in the scope of these requirements

SQR13_PPG OEM Silicone Handling Guidelines
SQR14_PPG OEM Guideline on Personnel and Workplace Contaminants
SQR15_Coatings Crater Prevention Training

SQR16_PPG OEM EMEA Requirements
SQR17_PPG OEM Mexico Requirements (English & Spanish version)
SQR18_PPG OEM Brazil Requirements (English & Portuguese version)

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SQR19_PPG OEM Contact List