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About Purchasing and Logistics

PPG's Purchasing and Logistics Department is responsible for the acquisition of the global requirements of materials, energy and services and for the safe and effective distribution of raw materials, supplies and finished products into and from PPG facilities and to customers. The organization consists of field operations worldwide and the corporate staff at PPG's General Office in Pittsburgh.


Department Overview

Purchasing and Logistics department has overall responsibility for the acquisition of the Company’s global requirements of materials, energy and services; for the safe and effective distribution of raw materials, supplies and finished products into and from PPG facilities and to customers; and for the management of PPG’s Real Estate operations including administration and operation of PPG Place. 


Pittsburgh General Office

Requirements for materials and services having multi-location use, high value and benefits from central coordination are purchased by the General Office Purchasing and Logistics Department. Additionally, it provides a focal point for developing and implementing strategic plans and innovations in materials, methods and equipment. Purchasing requirements for General Office will be handled by the General Purchasing.

Field Purchasing and Logistics (Plant, Regional and Zone)

Field Purchasing and Logistics professionals make most local purchases and administer area and national contracts and agreements. North American field personnel report directly or functionally to the respective purchasing or logistics section in Pittsburgh. (A list of field locations and personnel appears on the following pages.) For Europe, Corporate Purchasing and Logistics in Rolle, Switzerland directly handles those activities best managed on a Europe-wide basis and provides functional oversight for the European subsidiaries’ purchasing and logistics organizations.

Quality Commitment

PPG is committed to providing products and services to our customers that fully meet their requirements on time, every time. We are dedicated to continuous improvement in every area of our business. The role of our suppliers is to help us to meet this commitment. Suppliers of materials and services are expected to help us optimize the use of their products or services to add maximum value to PPG and our customers.

Supplier Policy

PPG’s supplier base is one of our most important strategic resources, because PPG can only meet our customers’ requirements with the support of our suppliers. We intend to develop and maintain supplier relationships that are fair, ethical and focused on mutual continuous improvement and a shared responsibility to meet our customer requirements better. Purchasing and Logistics will be responsible, along with suppliers, for monitoring supplier performance and providing feedback to improve performance.


Supplier Sustainability Policy

PPG's goal is to continue being the world's leading coatings and specialty products company. We will partially attain this goal by sharpening our focus on sustainability. This approach will help to ensure the success and long-term presence of our company for the benefit of our customers, employees, shareholders, neighbors and suppliers. We will act in a way that ensures the longevity and resilience of our environment, our economies and our society.

To reach this goal, PPG requires the full support of our global supplier base. We expect our suppliers, as well as their subcontractors, to fully comply with applicable laws and to adhere to internationally recognized environmental, social and corporate-governance standards. The PPG Global Code of Ethics describes key expectations.

PPG expects suppliers to evaluate and maintain sustainable processes and raw material sources throughout their supply chain and supplier base. PPG's preferred supplier criteria includes vendors that demonstrate world-class sustainability practices and marked improvements regarding their respective organization’s sustainability within the markets they serve. PPG will foster and maintain a sustainability culture with our suppliers, encouraging these suppliers to innovate and develop new products requiring less intensive material and energy consumption, along with leveraging their collective strengths to meet PPG’s sustainability goals.

Minority Business Opportunity Program

PPG’s Minority Business Opportunity Program was established to achieve diversity in PPG’s supplier base. The program encourages fair consideration of minority business suppliers and contractors for qualification as suppliers of materials, goods or services. As in all purchasing decisions, suppliers are selected on the basis of providing a quality product or service that fully satisfies PPG’s business requirements.