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PPG expert to discuss commercialization of sol-gel-based transparent functional coatings

Songwei Lu to present at 19th International Sol-Gel Conference in Belgium

PITTSBURGH, Aug. 17, 2017 – PPG (NYSE:PPG) today announced that Songwei Lu, Ph.D., PPG senior research associate and group leader for display coatings, will present “Commercialization of Sol-Gel-Based Transparent Functional Coatings” at the 19th International Sol-Gel Conference in Liege, Belgium. Lu will speak at 11:30 a.m. on Sept. 5, 2017.

Lu’s presentation will highlight new performance advances in sol-gel-based transparent functional coatings for display applications featuring enhanced easy-to-clean (EC), anti-glare (AG), anti-reflective (AR) and anti-fingerprint (AFP) coatings. His presentation will address prototype sol-gel-based transparent functional coatings that PPG has developed and scaled from 4-kilogram lab batches to 40-kilogram lab batches at its U.S. development center, as well as commercialized in 100- to 1,000-kilogram batches at its Tianjin, China, plant.

Sprayed onto glass substrates following low-temperature cure, the super-hydrophobic EC coating exhibits high deionized water-contact angles greater than or equal to 115 degrees and excellent abrasion resistance by passing at least 10,000 cycles using super-fine (#0000) steel wool under a 1-kilogram load. The coating also achieves silk-like tactile properties quantified by its extremely low coefficient of friction (COF).

The sol-gel-based AG coating demonstrates gloss values between 50 and 120 gloss units (GU) with excellent pencil hardness (greater than or equal to 8 units of hardness) and no sparkling issues on touch-screen displays. When embedded with mono-dispersed latex particles, the coating can be applied on room-temperature glass while maintaining similar performance. When the sol-gel-based AG coating is combined with an EC top coat, the coating stack also shows significant increases in stylus pen durability.

The sol-gel-based single-layer AR coating shows transmittance increases of 1.5 to 2 percent when applied by spray- or spin-coating on one side of a glass substrate. When the coating is dip-coated on a polycarbonate substrate, transmittance increases by 4 percent.

PPG’s newly-developed sol-gel-based AFP coating significantly hides fingerprints on the glass surface and offers excellent cleanability. The AFP coating can pass 2,000 cycles of a rubber-eraser wear-durability test under a 1-kilogram load and 400 cycles of the same test and load in the presence of ethanol.

The five-day 19th International Sol-Gel Conference begins on Sept. 3, 2017, and is organized in conjunction with the International Sol-Gel Society (ISGS). The biennial event gathers the most relevant and innovative advances in the field from the point of view of scientific research and industrial developments. It also promotes intensive interdisciplinary and academia-industry collaboration.

PPG is among the only companies worldwide to manufacture EC, AG, AR and AFP coatings. It also offers one of the most complete lines of transparent functional coatings for glass, plastic and metal substrates. With its broad range of coatings expertise, PPG can combine its transparent functional coating technologies into complete pre-engineered, pre-stacked total coatings solutions. For more information, visit www.ppgindustrialcoatings.com or call 1-888-774-2001.


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