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PPG PAINTS brand unveils 2018 Color of the Year: Black Flame

Sophisticated, unexpected neutral fulfills craving for comfort, privacy and hope

CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa., June 12, 2017 – This upcoming year, dress your home in the new neutral: the PPG PAINTS™ brand’s 2018 Color of the Year, Black Flame (PPG1043-7). According to PPG color experts, this statement-making black, infused with an undertone of the deepest indigo, evokes the privacy, hope and classic modernism that many consumers crave today. Embodying the spirit of a tailored tuxedo or a little black dress, it is dressed-up, coveted, unapologetic and – most importantly – timeless.

“Black Flame acts like a black curtain, allowing your other décor elements to take center stage,” said Dee Schlotter, PPG senior color marketing manager. “It’s a
fantastic blend of black and indigo, two classic hues. Black creates the silence we crave in an information-heavy world, while the indigo offers possibility and a deep hopefulness. The blend of two colors makes it incredibly versatile – use it on a statement wall, with a matte finish on a ceiling, with high gloss on a naturally-lit staircase, on cabinets, interior and exterior doors, and in many more places. The versatile hue can also provide strength and a modern luxe vibe to spaces with a lot of whites, blush pinks and soft pastels.”
The color was unanimously selected by PPG’s more than 20 color stylists from around the world, who specialize in industries such as consumer electronics, architectural, automotive and aerospace. These experts study consumer insights, building material trends, décor trends and more to select a color forecast that resonates and is reflective of current consumer attitudes.
“We’re already seeing retailers reinventing the classic black hue in the form of building materials such as wood flooring, black tile, cabinets and window frames, as well as matte black appliances and décor items,” Schlotter noted.
“Black is often referred to as the absence of color, but it also signifies a rebirth. It has the unique ability to take away weakness in a space and allow for regeneration to make it even stronger,” she said. “Our societal craving for privacy is the catalyst to being tracked by technology, overworked and pressured to overshare via social media. PPG’s research showed some consumers want to balance this social obligation by hiding portions of their personal life from the public eye, which are reflected in their home décor and paint color preferences.”
With society facing overstimulation and a need to take refuge, PPG Paints brand’s Black Flame offers a comforting retreat, and a chance to start new, she added. This color is the anchor color in the broader 2018 PPG Global Color Trends palettes, which encompasses four themes that connect and resonate with current consumer mindsets.
The Retreater theme addresses consumers’ growing need to regularly withdraw from the pressures, chaos and overstimulation that so often come with daily life, and create hygge – a popular Danish concept that embodies all things comforting and cozy. It underscores living well, finding quiet time, making space for one’s self and creating opportunities for calm, balance and peace. Light, airy tones in the palette, such as the PPG Paints brand’s Warmstone, a barely-there blush; Suntan, the perfect nude; Flagstone, a cool gray; and Cuppa Coffee, a warm, woodlike tone, provide subtle hints of color that can be considered neutrals. These hues offer a welcomed escape from a chaotic world.
The Dream Weaver color collection resonates with consumers who embody a perpetual ability to shine, live a free-spirited lifestyle and find creativity under any circumstance. They are the dreamers who hold the light when others prefer to go dark and retreat, which can be shown by their impossible-to-ignore color choices. Muted and ethereal brights round out the collection, with PPG Paints brand colors including Lovely Lilac, a dream-like periwinkle; Summer Sunset, a warm coral; Brandy Snaps, a dusty mauve; and Secret Safari, an earthy green.
The Commoner color palette connects to consumers who are attracted to popular minimalist Nordic-inspired designs, which emphasize going back to basics. Consumers relating most to this palette aspire to accumulate less yet experience more, serve as guardians of the environment, and live with a nomadic spirit. The palette offers unassuming, straightforward PPG Paints brand primary colors such as Mountain Lake, a classic navy; Red Gumball, a deep red; and Grassroots, an organic yellow-green.
The Brave color story reflects a new design mentality that mimics consumers’ growing yearning for protection, strength and stability to feel safe during uncertain times. The palette evokes feelings of elegance and grandeur, which appeal to consumers’ unwillingness to feel small or disregarded in light of current societal landscapes. The deep, rich colors that make up this substantial palette will be certain to turn heads in any space, including PPG Paints brand colors Charcoal Smoke, a rich forest green; Pinot Noir, a luxurious purple; and Black Elegance, a black with just a hint of gray.
To try Black Flame, or any of the 2018 Global Color Trends hues on your walls, use PPG’s new online virtual room painter tool before visiting a paint store or lifting a brush. The tool offers advanced technology to apply any color to an uploaded photo of your own space, browse designer color collections and more.
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