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PPG invests nearly $8 million in Hampton coatings center

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (02/19/2016)

PPG Industries on Thursday unveiled nearly $8 million in upgrades to its Allison Park Coatings Innovation Center where scientists develop and test paints and sealants for autos, trucks and equipment used in the industrial and aerospace industries.

The renovated facilities in Hampton include state-of-the-art laboratories where technicians can simulate conditions ranging from 100-degree deserts to rainy, humid tropics in order to assess how well PPG’s paints perform.

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PPG Industries: Primed to Grow in Coatings

The Dec. 14 issue of IHS Chemical Week magazine includes a cover story on PPG Industries based on recent interviews with Michael McGarry, president and chief executive officer, and Frank Sklarsky, executive vice president and chief financial officer.

The coverage includes their insights into PPG’s transformation, technology and innovation, growth, and the outlook for 2016.

After a long transformation, PPG Industries is sharpening its focus on organic growth and investments in coatings. The company is now the largest coatings producer by revenue, and is aiming to build on that by developing new technologies and investing in high-growth markets and adjacent sectors...

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McGarry takes over PPG executive role

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (09/02/2015)

PPG Industries’ new chief executive, Michael McGarry, might not be working at the global coatings giant if his wife hadn’t landed a job in the early 1980s at a Conoco Chemicals plant — right across the highway from a former PPG facility in Lake Charles, La.
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PPG's new CEO sets sights on organic growth

Source: Pittsburgh Business Times(09/02/2015)

Michael McGarry spent his first day as CEO of PPG Industries Inc. introducing himself and his vision for the company.

On Sept. 1, PPG’s (NYSE: PPG) 46,000 employees around the world were greeted with a welcome video and letter from McGarry, which was translated into 15 languages, in an effort to reach every employee in the more than 140 countries where the company operates.
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PPG's new CEO to push organic growth with existing clients

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune Review (09/02/2015)

PPG Industries Inc. is always on the lookout for a good business to buy.

But the Downtown company's chief executive says he wants to get more out of the business PPG owns.

“We've been very successful growing through acquisition, but organic growth has not met my expectations,” said Michael McGarry, who marked his first day as CEO on Tuesday. “This is an area that we need to get better at.”

Expanding revenue by keeping customers and winning accounts in areas where it is already doing business will be a top priority for McGarry as he takes the reins at one of Pittsburgh's most iconic companies.

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What US manufacturing needs to succeed

Source: CNBC (05/18/2015)

By Bryan Iams, vice president at PPG Industries

Today, manufacturing in the U.S. is as resilient and robust as ever. But to continue manufacturing's success in the U.S., we must create a business environment that enables our progress. We need an environment that helps manufacturers succeed.

Manufacturing in the U.S. has succeeded because our solutions are grounded on fundamental values. The first of these values is free enterprise: market forces that drive innovation and growth. Another is competitiveness: our ability to invest and expand markets and succeed in the global economy.

These values have enabled manufacturing to make a very valuable and lasting impact on the U.S. economy. Today, manufacturers are creating more jobs, making more products and making them better than ever before. Every year, manufacturing contributes more than $2 trillion to the American economy, or one out of every eight dollars, according to the National Association of Manufacturers.

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The hot new car color is ... brown

When it comes to car colors, neutral colors like white, black, gray and silver are traditionally the most popular choices throughout the globe.

While this continues to be true, some interesting trends are developing in the paint department.

For instance, once unloved brown is on the rise, according to car coatings manufacturer PPG.

The reasons behind this have more to do with the sorts of cars drivers are buying and less to do with their favorite colors or overall mood, said Jane Harrington, PPG's manager of automotive color and styling.

Source: CNN Money (11/18/2014)

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Cleveland plant helps PPG Industries develop future vehicle paint colors

Pittsburgh-based PPG Industries Inc. has announced its annual report on the most popular automotive colors in the business, and the standbys of white, black, silver and gray continue to dominate the market.

The maker of paints, coatings and other specialty materials also publicly released its automotive color palettes for 2017-2018 models, a project the PPG team in Cleveland had a sizable role in, said Jane Harrington, manager of color styling for PPG Industries.

Source: Crain's Cleveland (11/19/2014)

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Coat with green? Watch this latest segment from CNBC's "Mad Money with Jim Cramer"

PPG Industries CEO and Chairman Chuck Bunch recently appeared on CNBC's "Mad Money with Jim Cramer" to discuss PPG’s recent financial performance, the acquisition of Comex, and PPG’s growth in Mexico.

Stirring Up Innovation: PPG makes a worldwide impact with industry-leading coatings and materials.

With more than $15 billion in sales and operations in 70 countries, PPG Industries has firmly established itself as a world leader in coatings and specialty materials. Leadership, innovation and sustainability fuel this unique status. But, it is PPG's passionate and smart people that make it all happen...read more.

Source: Made in PA Magazine (Fall 2014)

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Looking forward: Innovative coatings and materials must address energy

—Charles Bunch, Chairman and CEO of PPG Industries

The future of the coatings industry will require innovative solutions to address our customers’ greatest needs and challenges. While customers will continue to seek products that ensure safety and security, provide protection, and enhance functionality and aesthetics, the biggest challenges they face will be related to energy. Nowhere is that more apparent than in areas where increased amounts of energy are consumed—buildings, transportation, and industry itself.Every pound counts these days for car and airplane makers, and researchers at PPG Industries Inc. are working to help them achieve weight-savings goals.

Source: IHS Chemical Week (09/17/2014)

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PPG Industries' research and development center makes sure company investments pay off through innovation

In this article from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, PPG’s chief technology officer and vice president, coatings R&D, Chuck Kahle, leads a Monday of the company’s coatings innovation center in Allison Park, PA. where where chemists are developing a range of technologies, including anti-corrosive paints for automobiles, environmentally sustainable coatings for cars, energy-saving processes for applying automobile coatings, and transparent plastics used in airline cabin windows to reduce aircraft weight and improve fuel efficiency.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (08/26/2014)

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PPG research helps vehicle, plane makers cut pounds from products

Every pound counts these days for car and airplane makers, and researchers at PPG Industries Inc. are working to help them achieve weight-savings goals.

Aircraft windshields made of PPG's transparent plastic are 66 pounds lighter per square foot than glass, said Ed Rakiewicz, a 17-year PPG researcher and associate director of aerospace research. PPG's lightweight sealants can reduce an airplane's weight by 1,400 pounds, and using the company's electrocoated parts instead of paint can reduce a wide-body aircraft's weight by 650 pounds, he said.

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune Review (08/26/2014)

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PPG to buy Mexico’s Comex for $2.3bn

PPG Industries has agreed to buy Mexico’s Comex for $2.3bn to boost the US paint group’s reach into Central and South America.

Source: Financial Times (06/30/2014)

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PPG Industries Steps Up to Buy Mexican Paint Maker Comex

PPG Industries Inc. is swooping in to buy Mexico's largest paint maker for $2.3 billion to capitalize on potential upswing in the country's housing market and a failed effort by a rival to do the same.

Source: Wall Street Journal (06/30/2014)

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New PPG VP Shelley Bausch brings her own ideas, passions to the table

Five months into her job running PPG Industries’ $5 billion industrial coatings business, Shelley Bausch was wearing a lab coat, protective eye goggles and a hard hat as she examined huge metal tanks where workers mix and customize batches of paints in a Springdale production plant.

Since being hired as vice president, global industrial coatings, for PPG in January, she had already spent a week touring facilities in China and this month was headed to a plant in Cieszyn, Poland, that she expects will eventually become the hub of the Pittsburgh company’s industrial coatings business in Europe.

Source: Piitsburgh Post-Gazette (06/15/2014)

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PPG Cleveland plant seeing solid growth

Demand for vehicles, energy-saving paints leading to new jobs

Products that help automakers save time, energy and money are driving growth at PPG Industries Inc.'s Cleveland plant.

The site serves as PPG's largest automotive coating plant in the United States and its global technical center for automotive coatings, churning out gallons upon gallons of vehicle paint — and plenty of original product ideas — each year. Since 2011, the Cleveland site, at 3800 W. 143rd St., has hired more than 130 employees, said plant manager Keith H. Schneider. After the recession ended, the auto industry “roared back,” Schneider said, noting that even more carmakers turned to the United States after the tsunami in Japan in March 2011.

Source: Crain's Cleveland Business (06/17/2014)

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PPG ignites research, manufacturing of new TV technology

A carbon-based molecule that looks like colored sugar could bring big changes to big-screen TVs.

Organic light-emitting diodes, or OLEDs, manufactured by PPG Industries Inc. of Pittsburgh, could give televisions more vibrant colors and deeper blacks, make them thinner and lighter in weight, and most importantly, much more energy efficient. The industry is working to speed development and cut production costs for the display technology.

Source: Piitsburgh Tribune-Review (05/10/2014)

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PPG to Invest $27 million in San Juan Del Rio Facility

PPG Industries announced plans to invest more than $27 million in its San Juan del Rio, Queretaro, Mexico, coatings manufacturing facility.

The expansion project will add four new buildings to the current complex, representing approximately 100,000 square feet of additional production and laboratory space. The company officially initiated the expansion today with a groundbreaking event and anticipates completion in 2015. The expanded facility is expected to employ more than 115 people, a 30 percent increase over its current workforce.

The additional capacity will enable PPG to meet increasing demand for its coatings by automotive OEM, protective and marine, packaging and industrial customers in Mexico. The expansion project will incorporate eco-friendly building designs, provide natural light in employee areas, use intelligent lighting systems to maximize energy efficiency and incorporate water recycling capabilities.

Source: Coatings World (03/19/2014)

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Querétaro registra IED histórica de EU

Ayer, la firma estadounidense PPG Industries inició la operación del Proyecto Monarca, el cual implica una inversión de 27 millones de dólares en la expansión de sus instalaciones, en el municipio de San Juan del Río.

En la presentación del proyecto, Cynthia Niekamp, VP Global Senior de Recubrimientos Automotrices de la empresa, destacó la importancia de dicha obra, ya que permitirá incrementar la producción para los recubrimientos de los clientes automotrices, además de ofrecer servicios a otras ramas productivas.

Source: El Economista, Mexico (03/18/2014)
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Paints and Coatings: Growth regains momentum

The global paints and coatings market is looking forward to a solid 2014, with broadening growth and stable raw material prices.

Paints and coatings makers, and their suppliers, are optimistic about their prospects for 2014, with economic growth accelerating in the United States and turning positive in Europe, producers and analysts say. Raw material costs—the bane of paint makers’ existences in 2012—were mostly stable in 2013 and are expected to remain that way.

“Overall, we feel good about the world economy, better than we have [in recent years],” says Viktor Sekmakas, executive v.p. at PPG Industries. IHS Chemical expects the global paints and coatings market to grow at about 2–3% in 2014, with differences in growth rates mostly among regions rather than end markets, says Eric Linak, senior principal analyst at IHS. Growth rates should be higher, around 4–12%/year, in emerging markets, with India and China leading the way, Linak adds. “Generally, you can correlate coatings consumption with economic growth,” he says.

Source: IHS Chemical Week (03/03/2014)

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PPG ranked No. 3 in ‘World’s Most Admired Companies’ list (chemicals category) by Fortune magazine

PPG registered the highest year-over-year improvement in the chemicals category by moving up three spaces to No. 3.

The company also had the category’s highest year-over-year score increase, from 5.65 last year to 6.81 – one of PPG's highest-ever scores on this list. This marks the sixth consecutive year that PPG has been recognized in Fortune magazine’s list of the “World’s Most Admired Companies,” and the third time it reached the No. 3 ranking.

Source: Fortune Magazine (02/27/2014)

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Energy efficiency requires smart technology, pragmatic public policy

Across the United States, energy consumption is on the rise. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates that consumption of primary energy will increase by 12 percent by the year 2040. The statistic is another reminder of the notion that a sustainable future requires the development of energy-efficient technologies.

Providing reliable energy at affordable prices for businesses and consumers alike is a complex equation with many variables. It requires constant technological breakthroughs that can change the paradigm, and ongoing investment in research and innovation to fund those breakthroughs. It also requires pragmatic public policy aimed at promoting energy efficiency – in our homes, in our offices, on the factory floor and in government itself.

Source: TheHill.com (02/19/2014)

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Energy efficiency must be a focus for our future:

Energy consumption in America is projected to grow 14 percent by 2035. Providing energy at affordable prices is a challenge and will require all the technology breakthroughs we can bring to bear.

Source: cleveland.com (01/23/2014)

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PPG to target key acquisitions in
expansion plan

PPG Industries Inc., the world's largest paint manufacturer, said it plans to spend up to $4 billion on acquisitions and to return cash to shareholders as it continues a growth strategy.

“We will continue to focus on growing the company through acquisitions and capital spending,” CEO Charles E. Bunch said after the company reported fourth-quarter net income that beat estimates.

PPG's results “caps off one of the most successful years in the company's history,” Bunch said.

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (01/17/2014)

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From revolting to revolt: Why is my office this color?

Excerpt from the article:
Jane Harrington Durst manages automotive paints for PPG Industries, which supplies paint for everything from ships to cellphones. “In the late 90s,” she says, “Ralph Lauren made a big splash with dark greens in fashion and interior design, and many of the American Automotive designers [then] had a version of deep hunter green.”

“That clean white that we saw in a lot of Apple products in the 2000s became really popular," says Dee Schlotter, national color marketing manager for PPG Architectural Coatings. She says Apple captured a spirit of unwinding, serenity, and de-cluttering. “There are a lot of societal influences in why [consumers] react to colors at a certain time,” says Schlotter.

Source: Marketplace Business (12/30/2013)

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PPG Industries: Sharper focus on coatings core

PPG Industries will soon pass a key milestone in its portfolio transformation as coatings revenues exceed 90% of sales.

Source: Chemical Week (12/23/2013)

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PPG's AkzoNobel acquistion requires integration of brands, personnel and stores

In his role as director of marketing for PPG Industries' architectural coatings business in North America, Tom Dougherty tries to make sure the company's paints are in the shopping carts of do-it-yourselfers and professional contractors across the U.S. and Canada.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (12/18/2013)

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PPG among firms forming partnerships rather than just donating dollars

In 2001, the PPG Industries Foundation forged a partnership with the Pittsburgh Zoo to provide financial support totaling nearly $14 million through 2021 and the opportunity to put the glass and coatings company's name on the facility's aquarium.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (12/09/2013)

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Paint stirs PPG Industries stock climb

As PPG Industries Inc.'s stock price approaches $200 a share, a decision in the late 1990s to focus on paint as its top business is paying off, says CEO Charles Bunch.

Over the last 15 years, and more aggressively during the last five, PPG has made 30 acquisitions that have moved it into the top position worldwide in paint — called “coatings” by the industry — Bunch said.

“It's done very well,” Bunch said of the stock. “We always thought we had the potential. I think part of it is the market kind of realizing what we've been doing over the years.”

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (11/21/2013)

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A soft yellow is the color for 2014

PPG Paints has chosen Turning Oakleaf its color of the year for 2014.

PPG Paints has chosen Turning Oakleaf its color of the year for 2014. The buttery yellow is a definitive turning point from years past and points to a new direction in color trends, according to Dee Schlotter, senior color marketing manager.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (11/15/2013)

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Manufacturing reborn?

If we do things right, the United States could see a renaissance in manufacturing, says PPG's CHARLES F. KAHLE

Will manufacturing in the United States experience a long-term rebound?

There are promising signs. The Boston Consulting Group recently predicted a surge in American manufacturing that by 2020 could create as many as 5 million American factory and service jobs and reduce unemployment by 2 to 3 percentage points.

This is good news for our nation's economy and for companies with a major manufacturing base in the United States, such as PPG Industries. But there are pressing problems to be resolved before American manufacturing can reach its full potential.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (10/27/2013)

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Market outlook: PPG Industries CEO Charles Bunch aims to continue momentum

Charles Bunch takes the leading global coatings company through a major transformation. See what could be next as he seeks to capitalise on opportunities

Source: ICIS Chemical Business (10/04/2013)

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PPG Industries sets big agenda for sustainability

Vice president of environment, health and safety not daunted by global effect of her role

Only a year after Diane Kappas earned her chemical engineering degree and joined PPG Industries at its Springdale coatings plant, the Pittsburgh-based company sent her to Oak Creek, Wis., where she became the first female engineer to work at its paints and resins facility there.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (07/04/2013)

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PPG Industries' research at Harmar could revolutionize how we illuminate our lives

At PPG Industries' research center in Harmar -- a place where floor-to-ceiling glass windows and skylights allow natural light to flood the lobby, corridors and employee cafeteria -- researchers are working to develop materials for use in new lighting systems that have the potential to slash electricity use in the U.S.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (04/28/2013)

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