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Legal Notices and Privacy Policy

PPG Privacy Notice for California

This privacy notice for California residents (“Notice”) supplements the information contained in the Privacy Policy for PPG Industries, Inc. and its subsidiaries and affiliates (hereafter “PPG,” “we,” “us” or “our”). This Notice is adopted to comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (the “CCPA”), and other applicable California privacy laws. The Privacy Policy and this Notice set forth how we use and protect any of your personal information (“Personal Information”) that you may have provided to us through your use of our websites, apps, or by social media (collectively, the “Sites”), by phone, in writing or otherwise. 
This Notice only applies to consumers who reside in California. This Notice does not apply to visitors, users and others who do not reside in California, and this Notice does not apply to information that you may send us by means other than those set forth above. Other PPG websites, locations and certain products or services, whether online or offline, may have their own specific privacy policies, statements or notices which apply, and you should consult those accordingly.
By reading this Notice, you will learn about the purposes for which we process your Personal Information when you access our Sites or otherwise interact with us. Any Personal Information that you provide will be treated as set forth below.

Who is responsible for the processing of Personal Information?
The PPG entity which is providing the respective Site you are visiting or which you otherwise interact with is the business that most directly determines how the Personal Information you provide over the course of such visit or interaction is handled.

What Personal Information do we collect?
Personal information is generally defined as information that, by itself or in combination with other information, identifies, relates to, describes, references, is reasonably capable of being associated with, or could reasonably be linked with a particular consumer, device or household (“Personal Information”). Personal Information can include, but is not limited to, name, address, telephone number, email address, username and password, IP address or other online identifiers, browsing or search history, credit/debit card number or other financial information, professional or employment-related information, office address and other business information, demographic information, consumer preferences, biometric information such as fingerprints, precise location information, or any other type of information that, directly or indirectly, can be linked to or is reasonably capable of being associated with you.
There are areas on the Sites and other instances offline where you may be asked to provide PPG with Personal Information, or where such Personal Information or other data may be collected from you in an automated manner. We may collect the following types of Personal Information when you visit our Sites or interact with us:
  • Name, job title, and date of birth;
  • Home, office and email address(es);
  • Areas of interests and other information relevant to customer surveys/feedback, and any inferences we might draw from such information;
  • Information on products, equipment, and devices you purchase and use from PPG or our competitors, and any inferences we might draw from such information;
  • Payment information including credit/debit card number or other financial information;
  • Account information including username and encrypted password; or
  • Information collected automatically while you visit our Sites, including IP addresses, generic locations, service providers, time of activity, technology and device identifiers, and information gathered through cookies/tracking pixels, including any inferences we might draw from such information (please also see the “How we use cookies and similar technologies” section below).
All of which you submit to us, for example, by:
  • Purchasing, ordering and paying for products or services;
  • Completing forms on any of our Sites;
  • Signing up for our newsletters;
  • Participating in our promotions, offers, surveys, quizzes, questionnaires, and/or contests;
  • Creating a user account at our Sites;
  • Providing us with your feedback or leaving a product review; or
  • Contacting PPG with questions and comments.
We may collect additional categories of Personal Information from you as described to you at or before the point when we collect such additional categories of Personal Information.
How we use cookies and similar technologies
PPG uses browser cookies, Flash cookies, tracking pixels, social media/network plug-ins, and Google Analytics. Certain vendors may place and read cookies on our Sites to help PPG deliver marketing messages on the Sites and on other online locations you visit after you leave the Sites.
  • Browser cookies are small pieces of information that a site stores on a user's/visitor's computer, smartphone, or similar device that may be used to store/remember user preferences, save data, track a user's online activity, and/or remind the site about the user/visitor the next time he/she visits the site. Cookies may also be used to customize the user’s/visitor’s experiences on sites and gather information about the user’s/visitor’s navigation of the sites. PPG and third parties we work with use browser cookies for targeted marketing activities and web site analytics. Browser cookies are placed on PPG Sites by PPG as well as third parties. The information that PPG collects and shares may include your IP address but does not contain any sensitive Personal Information (such as customer or consumer names, addresses, telephone numbers, or email addresses).
  • Flash cookies are files storing information on your computer or other device similar to browser cookies. PPG uses them on certain Sites for purposes such as map functionality and animations, but PPG does not collect Personal Information through this process.
  • Tracking pixels are small image files which are included within the recipe for a web page (just the same as any other content request) or contained in emails. PPG uses tracking pixels to help manage online advertising and the Sites’ traffic analysis. These image files are provided by third parties for external ad management, search marketing tracking, affiliate marketing, and analytics. In all such instances, the tracking pixels are programmed to collect your computer's IP address and certain other limited information when you are on our Sites. PPG does not collect your name, e-mail address, or telephone number using this technology. For example, with online advertising campaigns, tracking pixels enable third parties to recognize a cookie on your web browser, which in turn enables us to learn which advertisements bring unique users to PPG Sites from other locations on the internet.
  • Social media/network plug-ins
    • AddThis: Our Sites use AddThis plug-ins provided by Oracle America, Inc. (“Oracle”). These plug-ins enable you to share content with other users, for example, via social media/networks. This helps us to improve our content and to make it more interesting for you as a user. Through these plug-ins, your browser establishes a direct connection with the Oracle servers and, as the case may be, with the selected social media/network service. The recipients get the information that you have visited the respective Site along with related information such as IP address, date and time of request, browser, the Site from which the request originated, transmitted data volume, and operating system used. This information is processed on Oracle servers in the U.S. If you share content from our Sites, for example, via social media/networks, your use of our Sites may be associated with your user profile on the respective social network. We do not have any influence or further information on the processing of your data. Oracle stores your data in user profiles and uses them for purposes of marketing, market research, and/or demand-based design of its website. Even with regard to users not logged in, such analysis serves the provision of demand-based advertising and to inform other users of the respective social network about your activities on our Sites. Additional information is available at http://www.addthis.com/privacy.
    • Social media/network providers: Generally, the above also applies to other social media/network plug-ins we use on our Sites provided directly from social media/network providers, namely Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. You can identify the respective provider by the name and/or logo on the plug-in button. Depending on the respective PPG Site, by using these plug-ins, you can either share content or you will be simply redirected from the Site you are visiting to our respective social media/network page. Additional information is available at https://www.facebook.com/policy.php, https://help.instagram.com/155833707900388, https://policy.pinterest.com/en/privacy-policy, and https://twitter.com/en/privacy.
  • Google Analytics: Our Sites use Google Analytics, a web analysis service of Google LLC (“Google”). This includes the “Universal Analytics” operating mode which makes it possible to assign data, sessions and interactions across multiple devices to a pseudonymous user ID and thus analyze a user's activities across multiple devices. Google Analytics uses cookies which enable analyzing your use of our Sites. The information on your use of our Sites generated by the cookie are usually transferred to a Google server in the U.S. and stored there. However, we have activated IP anonymization for Google Analytics on our Sites in order to ensure de-identified collection of IP addresses (so-called IP masking). Only in exceptional cases the full IP address will be transmitted to a Google server in the U.S. and shortened there. The IP address transmitted by your browser in the context of Google Analytics will not be merged with other Google data. Additional information on terms of use and data protection is available at http://www.google.com/analytics/terms/us.html and https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=en.

    On our behalf, Google will use the information to analyze your use of our Sites, to compile reports on website activity, and to provide us with additional services related to the use of our Sites and the internet. We use Google Analytics to analyze the use of our Sites and to regularly improve them. With the statistics gathered, we are able to improve our content and make it more interesting for you as a user. The data sent by us which is linked to cookies, user identifiers (e.g. user IDs) or advertising identifiers will be retained for 14 months. Once a month, data that has reached the end of its retention period is automatically deleted.
Opt-out of cookies or similar technologies
You have choices about whether certain information collected on websites, including PPG Sites, is used, for example, to customize advertising based on predictions generated from your visits over time and across different websites. Please keep in mind that refusing cookies may affect your experience on PPG Sites.
  • Browser cookies: You have the right to object to the collection and storage of your Personal Information as described above by deleting or preventing placement of browser cookies. You can do so by following the instructions contained in the help section of your browser. For certain browser cookies that target advertising, you may opt-out of receiving targeted advertisements from other companies that perform targeted or interest-based advertising services, including some that we may work with, via the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) site at http://optout.aboutads.info/. You can also opt-out of receiving targeted ads from third-party advertisers and ad networks who are members of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) by visiting http://optout.networkadvertising.org/. Please note that when using these ad industry opt-out tools, you may need to execute opt-outs for each browser or device that you use, and that other companies’ opt-outs may function differently than our opt-out. Also, most browsers can be set to notify you when a browser cookie is being placed on your computer or other device.
  • Flash cookies: You have the right to object to the collection and storage of your Personal Information as described above by removing Flash cookies. You can do so by managing your Flash Player settings with Adobe. To delete or prevent placement of Flash cookies, you will need to visit the Adobe Flash Player Help site at http://www.adobe.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/, click on the hyperlink for "Website Privacy Settings panel" on the left hand side of the screen, and follow the instructions for preventing third party Flash content from storing data on your computer.
  • Tracking pixels: Because tracking pixels are included within the recipe for a web page or contained in emails, you cannot opt-out or refuse them. However, where they are used in conjunction with cookies, they can be rendered ineffective by either opting out of cookies or by changing the cookie settings in your browser. In other instances, such as in the case of emails, tracking pixels are not used in conjunction with cookies and if you are unhappy with the use of tracking pixels in such manner, then you should not use the Sites or subscribe to receive emails.
  • Social media/network plug-ins: You have the right to object to the collection and storage of your Personal Information as described above. With regard to AddThis, you can do so by clicking on the opt-out button at http://www.addthis.com/privacy/opt-out. Moreover, you can prevent the storage of these cookies in the same way you can with browser cookies (please see above). Also, you have the right to object to the creation of user profiles. To exercise this right you need to directly contact AddThis or the respective social media/network provider. Additional information on your rights is available at http://www.addthis.com/privacy, https://www.facebook.com/policy.php, https://help.instagram.com/155833707900388, https://policy.pinterest.com/en/privacy-policy, and https://twitter.com/en/privacy.
  • Google Analytics: You have the right to object to the collection and storage of your Personal Information by Google as described above by preventing the storage of cookies in the same way you can with other browser cookies (please see above). Moreover, you can prevent collection of the data generated by the cookie and relating to your use of the Sites and the processing of such data by Google by installing a browser add-on which can be downloaded at https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=en. Opt-out cookies will prevent future collection of data when visiting our Sites. If you would like to prevent collection across multiple devices through Universal Analytics, you need to opt-out on all devices you use.
If you do not agree to the collection and use of your Personal Information as described in this Notice, please do not provide us with any information and cease using the Sites.
Why do we process Personal Information?
We may process your Personal Information and other data for the following business and commercial purposes:
  • For reasons necessary to perform a business purpose which include, for instance:
    • Providing you with customer service;
    • Handling and attending to your complaints;
    • Undertaking activities to maintain the quality of our products and services, such as understanding your needs to provide you with a better service and understanding you better as our customer;
    • Improving the content, general administration and customization of our Sites, for example, by customizing user experience, measuring effectiveness of communications and Sites’ performance, and optimizing Sites’ performance;
    • Improving our products and services;
    • Providing you with offers, products, samples, invitations to events and training courses, and other advertisement information which we have reason to believe you may find interesting based on your previous requests or based on similar products you have bought or expressed your interest in before;
    • Compiling market insights;
    • Setting up and administering user accounts on our Sites;
    • Activating PPG software you want to be provided with; and
    • Troubleshooting software issues, security and operational problems;
  • Where you have given us your consent, for example, to periodically contact you via email about promotions, new products or services, or events or to provide you with other advertisement information;
  • To perform our obligations under a contract between you and us in relation to our products or services, that is to respond to your queries and fulfil your requests or orders, process payments, administer and process surveys, quizzes, questionnaires, and/or contests;
  • To comply with our legal obligations which include, for instance:
    • Maintaining our business records;
    • Preventing fraud; and
    • Complying with the requests of public authorities.
We may also process or use Personal Information we collect from you as otherwise described to you at or before the point when we collect your Personal Information.
Where we ask you for your Personal Information due to statutory or contractual requirements, we will indicate which information is voluntary. However, if you do not provide us with certain information voluntarily, we may not be able to provide you with the respective products or services, or respond to your requests, for which we need that information.
By providing to PPG the Personal Information and other data referenced above, you agree that we may use such Personal Information and other data in accordance with the terms of this Notice. We will not collect additional categories of Personal Information or use the Personal Information we collected for materially different, unrelated, or incompatible purposes without providing you notice.
How long do we retain Personal Information?
Your Personal Information will only be retained by PPG for as long as it is required: (i) for the purpose(s) for which it was collected; (ii) to be retained by law; and/or (iii) to address any issues that may have arisen at a later date (in which case we will provide you with any further information as required by law).
PPG reserves the right to maintain proper business records as required by law, or for otherwise legitimate business purposes to the extent permitted by law, even if such records contain your Personal Information.
Categories of recipients of Personal Information
PPG does not and will not sell your Personal Information.
We may share your Personal Information and other data with third parties as follows:
  • PPG group entities may be recipients of your Personal Information, so that we can benefit from our corporate structure to facilitate quicker and more efficient service to you by sharing within the group information systems, financial administration or other administrative tasks and customer service.
  • Processors and service providers are sometimes engaged by PPG to assist us with their services and may, in course of their engagement, receive, or otherwise have access to, your Personal Information. These processors and service providers include: (i) media, design, printing, promotional, and event agencies in order to conduct promotional and marketing activities or execute communications on PPG's behalf; (ii) survey and market research companies, in order to obtain market intelligence; (iii) IT and other technical providers in order to obtain hosting, storage, or recovery services in case PPG's computer systems were ever damaged, destroyed, or inaccessible; (iv) shipping entities and logistics service providers (e.g., courier, postal services) to ship to you products and other materials on PPG's behalf; (v) payment processing service providers; and (vi) customer services agencies for providing service to you where you ordered online.
  • In case of a legal requirement, PPG may also disclose your Personal Information and other data to relevant third parties if we are required to do so by law or that disclosing such information is necessary to: (i) conduct investigations of possible breaches of law; (ii) identify, contact, or bring legal action against someone who may be violating an agreement they have with PPG; or (iii) to avoid imminent physical harm to any person or to protect PPG's rights, safety, or property. We may also disclose your Personal Information to relevant third parties (e.g., forensics investigators, external legal counsel, law enforcement) to investigate, respond to, and/or to prevent a security/data breach, or to cooperate with government or law enforcement authorities pursuant to other legal matters.
  • In the course of corporate transactions, PPG may share your Personal Information and other data with a third party (and its attorneys, accountants and other relevant parties) in the event that PPG merges with, acquires, is acquired by, or becomes a legal affiliate with, such third party, or should such a transaction be proposed.
We may also disclose Personal Information we collect from you as otherwise described to you at or before the point when we collect your Personal Information.
You have the right to request from us a list of affiliates and third parties with whom we shared Personal Information about you for their own direct marketing purposes during the previous calendar year. If you have any questions on what we share for direct marketing purposes, please contact us by using the contact details provided in the “How to contact us” section below.
Except as described above, your Personal Information and other data is not transferred to any person or entity. Where we transfer your Personal Information to third parties (as described above), we always ensure that all required contractual arrangements will be agreed between us and the third parties. This may include contractually requiring them to only act on our instructions, to implement appropriate measures for the protection of your Personal Information and not to use it for their own purposes.
Children’s information
PPG’s Sites, products and services are not directed at, marketed to, nor intended for, use by children under 16 years of age. PPG neither collects nor sells the Personal Information of minors under 16 years of age. If PPG learns that it has collected any information regarding a person younger than 16 years of age, PPG will delete or destroy the information immediately.
If a minor’s information is uploaded or posted on the Sites or such information is otherwise collected and becomes publicly available through interactions with PPG, and the minor wants that same information deleted, destroyed or otherwise properly disposed of, the minor has a right to request that such information be removed from public viewing. Any minor, or the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of such minor, who wishes to request the removal of the minor’s information should submit their request by using the contact details provided in the “How to contact us” section below.
How we protect Personal Information
PPG takes appropriate steps to protect your Personal Information against accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, or unauthorized disclosure or access by using a range of physical, operational and technological safeguards. When your Personal Information is no longer required (as described in this Notice), it is destroyed, anonymized, or otherwise disposed of using secure methods.
Your rights
The CCPA provides California consumers with specific rights regarding their Personal Information. More specifically, you have the following rights regarding PPG’s collection, use and sharing of your Personal Information:
  • Right to know: You may request that we disclose additional details about the Personal Information we collect, use, disclose or sell about you.
  • Right to request deletion: You may request that we delete Personal Information we have collected or maintain about you.
  • Right to non-discrimination: You will not be discriminated against by PPG, in terms of the quality and price of the goods and services we offer, because you exercised these rights regarding the collection, use and sharing of your Personal Information.
Where you have given us your consent to process your Personal Information, you can withdraw your consent at any time and at no cost with effect for the future. If you do, we will stop the respective processing of your Personal Information based on that consent. However, this may, for example, prevent us from providing you with certain services for which we processed your Personal Information.
If you would like to exercise any of the above rights, please contact us by using the contact details provided in the “How to contact us” section below.
You may be able to opt-out of PPG sharing your Personal Information with the entities identified in this Notice by using the information in the “How to contact us” section, below, unless the sharing of your Personal Information is necessary to perform one of the following business purposes: to count ad impressions and evaluate their effectiveness; to detect, protect against, and prosecute security incidents; to debug or troubleshoot functional errors that may arise with the Sites and related services; to complete short-term tasks related to an existing interaction you have with PPG; to maintain or service your account; to process payments and fulfill orders or other transactions you authorize; to verify your customer information; and to ensure the safety and quality of our products and services.

PPG will do its best to accommodate any request to delete or properly dispose of any copies of your Personal Information, but we cannot guarantee we can eliminate all Personal Information from the specified uses. Therefore, please be as specific as possible in any request to delete or dispose of copies of your Personal Information. We may deny your deletion request if retaining the information is necessary for us or our service providers to:
  1. Complete the transaction for which we collected the Personal Information, provide a good or service that you requested, take actions reasonably anticipated within the context of our ongoing business relationship with you, or otherwise to perform a contract we entered into with you;
  2. Detect security incidents, protect against malicious, deceptive, fraudulent, or illegal activity, or prosecute those responsible for such activities;
  3. Debug products to identify and repair errors that impair existing intended functionality;
  4. Exercise free speech, ensure the right of another consumer to exercise their free speech rights, or exercise another right provided for by law;
  5. Comply with the California Electronic Communications Privacy Act (Cal. Penal Code § 1546);
  6. Engage in public or peer-reviewed scientific, historical, or statistical research in the public interest that adheres to all other applicable ethics and privacy laws, when the information's deletion may likely render impossible or seriously impair the research's achievement, if you previously provided informed consent;
  7. Enable solely internal uses that are reasonably aligned with consumer expectations based on your relationship with us;
  8. Comply with a legal obligation; or
  9. Make other internal and lawful uses of that information that are compatible with the context in which you provided it.
If you choose to request that we delete certain portions of your Personal Information, it may affect your ability to use certain parts our Sites or other PPG services. If the request relates to information that PPG needs to make the Sites function properly for you, you may no longer be able to use the Sites.
You may grant an authorized agent written permission to submit requests regarding your Personal Information. PPG may request proof of your written permission before responding to any requests made by a supposedly authorized agent. PPG may deny authorized agent requests if we are unable to verify your identity, or if you cannot provide proof that you authorized the agent to act on your behalf.
PPG is required to verify the identity of any person or entity that requests the disclosure or deletion of Personal Information. If you have a password-protected account with us, we will use our existing authentication procedures to verify your identity. For most other requests from consumers that do not have a password-protected account with us, PPG will ask you to provide information that matches at least two pieces of personal information we store about you before responding to your request. If you would like to request specific pieces of your personal information that PPG has collected, or if you would like us to delete highly sensitive information, you will need to provide information that matches at least three pieces of information we store about you, and you must provide a signed declaration under penalty of perjury that you are the consumer whose personal information you are requesting.
When attempting to verify your identity, we will avoid asking you for more sensitive personal information such as your full name or credit/debit card number. Instead, we may ask you to provide other types of information to match what we have in our records. For example, we may ask for part of your name, your job title, your date of birth, or portions of your home address or office address, among other types of information.
We cannot respond to your request or provide you with Personal Information if we cannot verify your identity or authority to make the request and confirm the Personal Information relates to you. Making a verifiable consumer request does not require you to create an account with us. We will only use Personal Information provided in a verifiable consumer request to verify the requestor's identity or authority to make the request.
Some browsers have a ”do not track” feature that lets you tell websites that you do not want to have your online activities tracked. At this time, we do not respond to browser ”do not track” signals, but to learn more about how to opt-out of certain kinds of targeted advertising, visit the Network Advertising Initiative website and the Digital Advertising Alliance website. Options you select are browser- and device-specific.
External links
The Sites may contain links to external websites and other online locations, including those embedded in third-party advertisements or sponsor information, that are not controlled by PPG. PPG is not responsible for the privacy practices and data collection policies for such third-party services. You should consult the privacy policies or notices of those third-party services for details about how they handle your personal information.
Changes to this Notice
PPG reserves the right to make changes to this Notice at any time. Since this Notice may change over time, we suggest that you check back from time to time in order to understand how we treat your information. Our Notice’s effective date will always be set forth at the end of this Notice. Any changes will be immediately incorporated into this Notice, and will be prospective only. We will not make any changes that have retroactive effect unless legally required to do so.
Any change to this Notice is effective immediately. Your continued use of the Sites or interaction with PPG after any changes are made to this Notice constitutes your acceptance of the changes. If any changes are unacceptable to you, you should cease all use of the Sites or other interactions with PPG.
How to contact us
Should you have any questions about this Notice or how we process your Personal Information, or if you would like to exercise your rights, please contact us at:
EMAIL:           dp-ca@ppg.com 
PHONE:         800-292-5138
This Notice was last updated December, 2019.