PPG: We protect and beautify the world
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PPG: We protect and beautify the world

Feature Articles

Working out the Bugs

Spend a few minutes in the PPG architectural coatings research and development laboratory in Albi, France, and eventually you’ll become aware of a curious, soft noise. Muffled crunching, maybe? No, you realize, it’s munching.

U.S. Department of Energy honors PPG scientists for advances OLED lighting

PPG’s advances are the result of a two-year project initiated with the DOE in 2010 to promote the commercialization and mass production of OLED lighting.

The PPG team led by Abhinav Bhandari, Ph.D., project engineer, has demonstrated a float glass-based integrated substrate with scalable light-extraction technologies and transparent conductive films for OLED lighting applications.

PPG celebrates 50 years of Electrocoat

In 1963, PPG was the first company to introduce electrocoating technology at a Ford plant in Wixom, Michigan. Today, electrocoat technology has become the industry standard for corrosion protection.

PPG's electrocoat  technology has boosted the automotive industry because of its "green" credentials, high efficiency, uniform thickness and strong protection against corrosion.

CeramiClear scratch-resistant automotive clearcoat is an industry-standard

What’s behind that fantastic shine on a Mercedes-Benz luxury automobile? No one is likely to say “a wood floor.” But that, in fact, was the genesis of PPG’s CeramiClear scratch-resistant automotive clearcoat, the industry-standard clearcoat that PPG pioneered with Mercedes.

PPG wins 2013 Automotive News PACE Award for ANDARO tint dispersions

Recognized as a "game changer" in the automotive industry, PPG's ANDARO tint dispersion technology enables automotive manufacturers to achieve a deep, pure and more chromatic color space than do traditional pigments, helping accentuate feature lines and design characteristics.

Envirobase coatings expand an artist's palette

While the legendary Lennon-McCartney songwriting team relied on lyrics and melodies to paint strawberry fields and yellow submarines, artist Shannon MacDonald relies on PPG’s waterborne Envirobase High Performance system to create paintings of the Beatles.

PPG researchers developing technologies to help increase fuel efficiency

When the Obama administration announced new fuel efficiency standards for U.S. cars and light trucks last August, researchers at PPG's Allison Park, Pa., Coatings Innovation Center (CIC) wanted to their part to help automakers reach this target.

INNOFIBER® fiber glass pushes the boundaries of performance

Giant wind turbine blades, circuit boards and industrial pipelines might seem to have little in common, but a new family of PPG glass composition fibers can benefit all of them – and much more.

Inside the Spotlight: PPG Scientist motivated by ‘real-world’ applications

When fiber glass scientist Hong Li peers through a microscope as part of his latest research project, he sees more than tiny fibers. He sees the potential to improve the world.