PPG Industries: Bringing innovation to the surface

Rising Above

Restoring an iconic landmark's
beauty while honoring Wright's
dedication to blending architecture with nature.

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Solution Store

From crude oil to liquefied gases
to refined fuel, our best-in-class
coatings can take on a wide range of cargo.

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Ahead of the Tide

Anticipating environmental regulatory
demands with biocide- and copper-free
antifouling options.

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Growing Season

All year long and worldwide, PPG is
helping fuel wind power’s rapid rise to
sustainable superpower.

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Bridge to Color

PPG’s proprietary new color
selection system is revolutionizing
the way design professionals choose and use color.

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Soup to Nuts

Your source for architectural
glass and coatings for every surface,
from walls and decks to walnut cabinetry and floors.

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Close to Home

Beyond groundbreaking color, PPG
delivers service at jet-speed through
a global network like no other.

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The New Green

No one offers more sustainable
solutions for automakers, suppliers
and refinishers.

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Brands You Know

Names you trust.

Olympic Dulux Johnstone's Seigneurie Seigneurie PPG Pittsburgh Paints Glidden Liquid Nails PPG Porter Paints

World Class Fiber Glass Brands

Engineered for performance

TufRov ChopVantage InnoFiber Hybon

Colorful Communities

Combining employee volunteers
PPG products and charitable
giving to add color and
vitality to PPG communities
around the world.

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Latest News

PITTSBURGH PAINTS & STAINS brand unveils 2016 color trends at MENARDS stores

PPG glass, coatings, paints featured on The Tower at PNC Plaza

PPG coatings help restore part of historic 1964 World’s Fair pavilion in New York

PPG to highlight flagship DURANAR coatings line at METALCON 2015

PPG completes acquisition of remaining interest in Chemfil Canada joint venture

PPG completes acquisition of majority interest in sealants business of Le Joint Français

PPG to announce third quarter 2015 results Oct. 15

PPG launches website for VIBRANCE COLLECTION finishes

PPG data shows consumers consider vehicle color key when buying, but most remain conservative

PPG paint brands unveil 2016 Color Palette of the Year

Paradise Found named 2016 Color of the Year by PPG THE VOICE OF COLOR program

Blue Cloud named top color for 2016 by OLYMPIC Paints and Stains

Cappuccino White emerges as 2016 top trending color for GLIDDEN brand

Paint Colour Trends: Go for gold in 2016 with SICO paint

PPG completes $27 million expansion at San Juan del Rio, Mexico, facility

PPG Asia Pacific President Horton honored with Magnolia Memorial Award

PITTSBURGH PAINTS & STAINS Brand Unveils Digital Inspiration Studio at MENARDS Stores

PPG completes COLORFUL COMMUNITIES project in Amsterdam

PPG marks 30 years of coatings application development at Flint, Michigan, center

PPG provides resources, training for professional customers at 2015 PRO SUMMIT in Puerto Rico

PPG celebrates 20th anniversary of OMNI brand

PPG to highlight color selector tool, e-binder app at CONSTRUCT 2015

PPG lifts Fresno glass manufacturing force majeure, will invest $20 million in 2016 for facility enhancements

More News

PPG helps restore Tent of Tomorrow

More than 2,000 gallons of PPG’s AMERCOAT® coatings were used to refurbish the “Tent of Tomorrow” at the New York State Pavilion, an historic attraction erected in Queens 51 years ago to celebrate the 1964 World’s Fair. The Tent of Tomorrow was one of three components constructed as part of the original pavilion, designed by world-renowned architect Philip Johnson and internationally known civil engineer Lev Zetlin.

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PPG's innovation efforts recently profiled in Forbes.com

PPG Innovation More Than Skin Deep

Buildings using smart coatings that absorb pollution. Airplanes wrapped in heat-deflecting tech borrowed from eggplant biology. Surfaces of wind turbine blades that slice through the air with practically no drag.

PPG doesn’t just make paint anymore, and its approach to surface coatings reveals much about the drivers and processes of successful innovation.

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PPG data shows consumers consider vehicle color key when buying, but most remain conservative


PPG releases its annual automotive color popularity data. While research conducted by the company found that nearly 60 percent of consumers identified color as a major factor in their vehicle-buying decisions, automakers continue to sell a vast majority of cars (nearly 75 percent) in conservative colors such as white, black, gray and silver.

Here are the highlights:

  • White is most popular vehicle color globally, at 35 percent of all vehicles built in 2015.
  • Color is major factor in vehicle-buying decision for 60 percent of consumers surveyed.
  • Consumer responses indicate significant preference for metallic-effect color finishes. PPG introduces 64 new colors for 2018-2019 models.
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Promoting growth: PPG and the chemical industry need help that lawmakers can provide

Michael McGarry, PPG’s president and chief executive officer, stresses the importance of pro-manufacturing policies in an op-ed that appears in today’s edition of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Topics covered include the need for lawmakers’ support to adopt policies promoting manufacturing growth; innovation-directed research and development, and the importance of incentives; business challenges, including intellectual property protection; the central role that technology driven manufacturing plays in creating jobs and maintaining the U.S. competitive advantage in a global marketplace; the need to make the U.S. tax system more competitive to encourage innovation and spur investment, job creation and economic growth; and the need to improve trade policies.

Read the op-ed on post-gazette.com

PPG paint brands unveil 2016 Color Palette of the Year

Top trend colors include creamy whites, ocean-inspired blues, and organic, aloe greens

PPG, the world’s leading paint and coatings company, today unveiled its 2016 Color Palette of the Year, which showcases colors from the company’s leading paint brands: the GLIDDEN® Paint, OLYMPIC® Paints, PPG PAINTS™ and PPG PITTSBURGH PAINTS® lines.

“Each year, consumers and industry experts search for the one color that will dominate trends for the year ahead,” said Dee Schlotter, senior color marketing manager, PPG Architectural Coatings, U.S. and Canada. “As we looked ahead, PPG color experts experienced several emerging themes for home decor in 2016, encouraging us to name a palette of the year, which represents our strong portfolio of leading paint brands.”

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Immigration is vital for innovation

While it’s no surprise that immigration policy remains at the forefront of political debate, conversations on this important topic often bypass the impact of policy on business in the U.S.   

For manufacturing, the topic of immigration and skills shortages are a topic that we must work to solve if this important business sector is to continue to thrive. Currently, more than 80 percent of employers report moderate to severe difficulty in finding talented workers with the skills and experience necessary for the job. Not enough students are exploring the industry as a viable career option.  

The demand for skilled manufacturing employees is extremely high, and is only expected to grow in the coming years. The Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte estimate that, because of the skills gap, 2 million American manufacturing jobs will go unfilled by 2025.

With the ever-widening skills gap in America’s manufacturing industry, it’s time for our leaders to take action in reforming the immigration system to ensure American manufacturers are able to recruit top talent from around the world. 

As it currently exists, the system makes it unnecessarily difficult for talented, highly skilled people from other countries to work in the U.S.

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