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Color is personal. Color is memory. Color is home.

Color inspiration can come from anywhere. A finger painting. A flower. A seashell. A favorite destination.

You have a vision. We have the color ­­- and the color tools -to make it a reality.

As your trusted color partner, PPG can help you create truly beautiful living spaces. Your home will benefit from our commitment to inspired palettes. Extensive retail and distribution networks. And high-performance paints and coatings.

We'll help you understand what colors speak to you. And we'll invite you to draw upon our endless color inspiration and resources to achieve the look and feel you'll want to live with.

We have much to share. Like user-friendly, in-store displays. Color tools for your smart phone. Insightful, revealing design tools like COLORCLIX® and COLORSENSE GAME® . And themed color palettes like Fallingwater®, Hacienda, Up North and Colors of Rhode Island -that bring a sense of the world to your home.

Not only are we seasoned color experts, we're homeowners, too. So we understand your desire for colors that make you feel at home. For colors that make you feel alive. For colors that speak to your soul.

Go for Glam in 2014: Opulence Is Latest Trend in Home Decor

SICO® paint introduces unique colour palette to achieve lavish look We’re seeing it on the runways, on the highways, and now in all facets of home d├ęcor. Opulence is one of the hottest looks for the home in 2014, according to leading brand SICO paint. It’s presenting itself with dramatic colours, rich metallic shades, and plush velvet and suede – think shimmery antique golds highlighted by sophisticated darks and extravagant gem tones such as emerald, ruby and sapphire.

The 2014 colour themes from SICO paint and to view the full Design Splendour palette

Visit www.sico.ca for 2014 colour themes from SICO.

PPG PITTSBURGH PAINTS® 2014 Color of the Year

The PPG Pittsburgh Paints brand names Turning Oakleaf, a soft, but energetic buttercream yellow, as its 2014 Color of the Year.

Experts from PPG Pittsburgh Paints brand, said they expect the color to have a prominent role in home decor in the coming year as part of their forecast for use of brighter, more optimistic colors among homeowners.

More about PPG Pittsburgh Paints Color of the Year


Look whose palette is one with nature.

Fallingwater®, named by the American Institute of Architects in 1991 as "the best all-time work of American Architecture," was in need of a paint job. One that would restore the historic landmark's original beauty, and honor Frank Lloyd Wright's dedication to blending architecture with nature.

Using an in-depth color analysis that was performed by Fallingwater, color experts, and Pittsburgh Paints’ Research and Development Team, Pittsburgh Paints was able to develop the color cards that give Fallingwater its new “old look.”
“Color was very important in conveying Frank Lloyd Wright’s aesthetic of organic architecture as a unified whole. He drew from two sources in determining his palette of a given project; the nature of the site and the nature of the building materials,” said Lynda Waggoner, vice president of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, and director of Fallingwater.

“At Fallingwater, Wright employed both a limited palette of color and a limited number of materials in his desire to create an organic and integrated whole,” Waggoner added.

Consumers who want to bring a little Fallingwater into their homes are in luck. Pittsburgh Paints developed a special, commercially available, palette of Fallingwater inspired colors. These 13 shades have been culled from the fabrics, walls, furniture, and surrounding landscape of Wright’s historic home and are authenticated by Fallingwater.

“Pittsburgh Paints is proud to offer the Fallingwater inspired color palette because it honors Wright’s dedication to blending architecture and nature,” said Tom Dougherty, marketing manager, Pittsburgh Paints. “Homeowners who want to take Wright’s ‘one with nature’ philosophy even further, can also use these shades with Pittsburgh Paints’ Pure Performance Paint, which is environmentally friendly.”


PPG Pittsburgh Paints today set the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD® for the "Largest Paint Swatch." Measuring 68 square feet, or 24 times larger than a typical swatch, it was unveiled in Two PPG Place in downtown Pittsburgh. An official Guinness World Record Adjudicator presented the company with a certificate to declare the swatch as the largest in the world.


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