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Students and Graduates

Internship Positions

Internship Program

Through our internship program, PPG strives to encourage talented students to achieve excellence in their chosen fields. This is achieved by “real world” experience at many of our work locations. PPG Interns will receive:
  • An opportunity for summer employment, which provides practical experience and competitive salaries. All internships are paid internships.
  • Consideration for future internships and fulltime employment based on intern performance.


To qualify for the intern program, students must:
  • Be a citizen of the U.S or have the right to work in the U.S on a permanent basis.
  • Have completed their sophomore year as a full-time undergraduate student at a participating institution by the starting date of the intern period.
  • Be willing to accept summer employment for at least a nine-week period and relocate to the internship location
  • Achieve and maintain at least a cumulative 2.8 grade-point average through your last semester prior to the starting date of the intern period.

The PPG internship program provides summer employment before your junior or senior year. We regard interns as professionals rather than students and give you challenging assignments to provide exposure to various career options within your discipline of study.

Selection Process

Interns are evaluated and selected based upon: 
  • Academic performance
  • Demonstrated leadership potential
  • Interest in a career in Industry
  • Communication skills

Intern candidates are interviewed during on-campus interviews, usually the same day as full time candidates. The interview on campus is usually the only interview a student will have with PPG before an offer is made. In some cases, a phone interview may take place between the student and hiring manager before an offer is given.

See the Campus Recruiting Schedule.