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Specialty Coatings and Materials

Optical Products

PPG Optical Products

PPG Industries is the world's largest producer of optical grade monomers used in the manufacture of ophthalmic lenses, with more than 60 years of experience in engineering and production. With crisp clarity, ultra-light weight, high tensile strength and protection, PPG’s optical products meet life's visual demands.

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Optical Materials

For more than six decades, lens wearers have relied on PPG’s value lens material—CR-39® monomer—for outstanding optical quality and durability at a low price.Today, CR-39 monomer represents the largest category of lenses sold worldwide.

PPG's TRIVEX® lens material provides the unique combination of optical quality, lightweight comfort, strength and protection. Lenses made with Trivex monomer deliver critical performance characteristics for everyday living.

PPG’s TRIBRID™ lens material represents the evolution high index lens technology. Tribrid lens material combines the best properties to produce clear, light, strong and thin lenses for eyeglass wearers with stronger corrective prescriptions.


Optical Coatings  

Our HI-GARD® lens coating solution is cured to form a scratch resistant coating on ophthalmic lenses made from plastic materials. The optical quality of plastic lenses is maintained, and lenses coated with Hi-Gard lens coating are four to six times more abrasion-resistant than uncoated lenses made from CR-39 monomer.


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Anup Jain, Vice President, Specialty Coatings and Materials

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Nathan Troxell

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