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Branding Guidelines

People around the world recognize the PPG logo. It's a valuable asset that's also an integral part of our corporate identity, as well as an important extension of PPG’s image and reputation.

Please follow the guidelines below ensure that the PPG brand is portrayed consistently across all communications.  

How does PPG ensure our corporate image is consistent globally? Through proper application of its unique brand elements.

The ground rules for these elements are as follows:

  • To keep the PPG brand consistent, all communications media for PPG and its product brands must use the basic elements as detailed in this section. Special exceptions must be approved by PPG Corporate Branding.
  • The PPG logo must never show the letters "PPG" as a different color than the background over which the logo is placed. View example » It also should never be placed over a photographic, patterned, textured or blended background. View example »
  • The PPG logo must never be distorted, tilted, shadowed or made to look 3D.
  • The PPG logo should stand alone, separate from any other logo, trademark or design element. View example » It must also not be a substitute for the letters "PPG" in a sentence or sentence fragment. View example »
  • The PPG logo should never be used as a watermark.
  • The PPG chromatic logo and supergraphic logos should no longer be used.
  • The PPG logo must be surrounded on all sizes by space equal to or greater than half of its own height. The elements in the PPG logo and its brands should never be rearranged or resized to change their original proportions. View more »
  • The tagline, “Bringing innovation to the surface.™” can be centered under the PPG logo. It should be used whenever possible. View more »
  • If appearing without the PPG logo but not in body copy or headlines, the PPG corporate tagline must be shown in its stylized font with the trademark (™). View more »
  • If appearing in body copy or headlines, the PPG corporate tagline can be rendered in whichever font is being used in those applications.
  • Incorporating the corporate color blue (PMS 307) into marketing materials is encouraged.